How printed packaging can help promote your Black Friday event

Although it’s thought that Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending will drop this year thanks to the cost of living crisis, it’s estimated that Brits still plan to spend a whopping £3.95 billion over the period. (This data was calculated as part of finder.com’s annual research around Black Friday spending)


Bargain lovers aren’t going anywhere - particularly as they seek deals in the run up to Christmas. The importance of making every penny count is more crucial this year than ever.


So how can YOU get a piece of the pie? How can you attract customers to YOUR Black Friday event? Forget spending money on flyers and online ads. Instead, let your printed packaging do the talking.


We know food might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Black Friday spending, but trust us - those frenzied shoppers need to keep their energy up somehow! Whether they’re shopping in store or online, people still need to eat.


And that’s where you come in. Here are a couple of ways printed packaging can help promote your Black Friday event.


Black friday early access packgenie.co.uk burger on custom branded greaseproof paper sheets

  1. The event: Limited edition products


Launch a Black Friday - Cyber Monday limited edition product and make it stand out with some specially designed packaging. For example, create a new milkshake flavour and sell it with Black Friday custom branded straws or add a crazy new burger topping for one weekend only and wrap it in customised tissue paper. 


  1. The event: Black Friday bargains


Offer discounts on your dishes and make them jump out to customers with branded food flags. This works especially well if you have items on display such as in a cold cabinet or a fridge.


  1. The event: Buy one get one free


This doesn’t strictly have to be BOGOF - you could also offer deals such as 50% off or a free drink with every meal. And if you’re offering it in store, why not give your customers their order in a printed Black Friday bag so that other shoppers will know exactly where to go to refuel!? 


  1. The event: Discounts on different items


A great way of promoting different items (particularly if you have a surplus of something you want to sell by the end of the day or weekend!) is to use branded toothpick flags. One design will fit all and you can simply stick the flags in whichever dish you want to increase sales for.  Again, this works well when food is displayed as in a deli or cafe.


Black Friday events are a must if you want to maximise profits on the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Just make sure you do it in an eye-catching way to increase your promo’s potential!

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