1. Rights Relating to Faulty Goods - Faulty Goods means that the goods supplied to you do not meet the specification provided to you at the time that you ordered the goods. You are reminded that at the time of placing the order our terms stated that we may deliver goods with + 10% more or less weight, quantity or size than the measurement provided. The colour prepared for the digital copy of your artwork may not be the same as the final artwork.  All colour provided against the final proof are for guidance only and PackGenie reserve the right for slight variation of colour on different batches of product manufacture. These variations are common in the industry and such variations will not be regarded as “Faults”.


1.1 - If any of our goods arrive faulty then we will accept the return of those faulty goods. You must notify us within 7 days of delivery to you if the goods are faulty and after assessing the situation (see paragraph 1.2), if we agree with you, you will be given a Returns Number and the goods must be returned to us (at your cost) quoting the returns number within 30 days of the order date in order for you to get, in respect of the faulty goods, a replacement order or a refund.


1.2 - To be properly able to assess whether the goods are to be regarded as Faulty Goods, you shall fill in a free-form application describing the faults in the goods and other important circumstances relevant to assessment of the issue involving return of the goods.


1.3 - Regardless of the quantity of the ordered goods, you shall be entitled to return only the part of the order made up of any faulty, damaged, or impaired goods. We shall accept only faulty, damaged, or impaired goods rather than the whole quantity of the ordered goods (quality, intact goods without any damages cannot be returned). We shall compensate you only for the faulty, damaged, or impaired part of the order under the procedure established in this Returns Policy.


2. Obligations Relating to Faulty Goods -

2.1 - In case of returning the goods, you shall comply with the following conditions:

a. The goods being returned shall be in its original packaging

b. The goods being returned shall not have been damaged by you;

c. The goods shall not have been used in any way;

d. The goods being returned must be clearly indicate on the delivery packaging provided and within the parcel itself the original order number.

e. When returning the goods, you shall also specify the sender’s address and pack the item properly so that it would not be damaged during the shipment.

We shall be entitled not to accept the items being returned, if you fail in complying with the procedure applicable to returning of the goods. 

2.2 - All gifts provided together with the purchased item shall be returned at the same time and any loyalty scheme in operation will be reversed.

2.3 - Following inspection of the goods we will notify you whether or not we accept that the goods are faulty and will at our discretion, replace the faulty goods or refund the purchase price in respect of the faulty goods to the bank account which was used for the purchase of the goods in the first instance.