Reasons Custom Branded Straws Are the New Marketing Essential

Drinking straws are a majorly hot topic in the food and beverage industry today. In July 2021, businesses were prohibited from providing single use plastic straws to customers; a move which saw many make the shift from plastic straws to paper. 

From an environmental perspective, high quality paper is the best possible choice businesses can make. There’s just one problem: food and drink establishments are often missing out on the exciting additional benefits that come with paper straws. 

Do your paper drinking straws feature your brand name? Your logo? Your message? If not, you’re not taking advantage of everything that’s on offer. Here are four major benefits that forward-thinking businesses are seeing from custom branded straws:


1. They Help You Stand Out

The landscape is more competitive than ever. Finding ways to stand out and be seen amongst all the ‘noise’ is vital. Branded straws can help. They draw attention to your brand. They’re a talking point. They make you the true centre of attention. 

2. They Improve Brand Recall

If you offer takeaway drinks for your customers, popping a branded straw into the cup helps to extend the interaction beyond the premises. Customers are reminded of your brand with every sip, no matter where they are, or what they’re doing. 

3. They Remind Customers of Your Values

Custom paper straws are a way to form a connection between your business’ green efforts, and your brand. They bring the two elements together in the mind of the customer, helping them to understand your commitment to protecting our planet. 

4. They Extend Your Reach

Think about providing a spare straw with each drink. With some venues banning straws completely, it’s not unusual for customers to keep a few in their bags. Imagine a customer using your branded straw in a competitor venue… It's free advertising! 

Custom branded straws are available in many different formats, ensuring you’re providing your customers with exactly what they need to enjoy their drink. Cocktail straws tend to have a larger bore size to allow for small ice chips or bits of muddled fruit, while standard size straws are ideal for cold coffees, fraps, juices, and more. 

It’s time that businesses stopped looking at straws as a liquid delivery vessel and started seeing them for what they really could be: a powerful marketing tool that can help food and drink establishments thrive in this fiercely competitive landscape. 


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