Pizza Box Greaseproof Paper Liners

Greaseproof paper sheets printed

PackGenie print and manufacture greaseproof paper sheets in 2 choices of natural paper; White 38gsm and Brown kraft 40gsm paper. Available in a variety of sheet sizes. Additionally we now offer our bespoke greaseproof paper cut into the most popular pizza box sizes. All our printed greaseproof paper is sustainably sourced and produced in the UK to the highest food safety standards and print quality. Free UK mainland delivery included. can print your very own personalised greaseproof paper, a great all round for your takeaway and eat in food. We can help you showcase your brand in a cost effective and individual way to maximise your brand exposure. 

No matter if your serving chips in mini buckets, burgers wraps or using printed greaseproof paper for placemats, greaseproof paper is so versatile. Our printed paper sheets are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable making them a great choice for the environmentally conscious. Our greaseproof paper has been developed to be used with a wide variety of food. It has a natural feel and look that lends itself to gourmet food. Besides our greaseproof paper can cope with oil and grease from chip baskets and burger liners with ease. Our printed greaseproof paper performs incredibly well whilst amplifying the appearance of your food offering.

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