How To Prepare A Design File

Before you load your design file we need to bring the following terms to your attention:

1. We cannot accept an order unless the design file has been properly prepared.

2. You must accept responsibility for final checking and you must confirm that the artwork is correct.

3. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary permissions to use the design that you have provided to us and shall take full liability arising out of copyright violations in the design. All claims, actions or other documents filed against us regarding the content of the design provided of the artwork to be applied to the goods. We shall notify you if we receive any notice of infringement. You will indemnify us for any loss that we incur for any intellectual property infringement relating to artwork that you provide to us.

4. We will not produce any goods on your behalf if we believe, in our reasonable opinion, that the content of the design selected by you is of an offensive, discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, hateful nature or it otherwise incites hatred or other behaviour not acceptable in a normal society.

5. Late return of proof or delay in approving the proof will delay delivery dates.

6. Colour variations could occur depending on manufacturer. Digital proof is representative but not accurate in colour. The colours will differ on different materials and the final products. Inks will be matched as closely as possible to the artwork provided.

7. Any alterations after artwork is approved by you causing additional work will be charged accordingly.

8. Any bands of colour running around containers or products may not join correctly at the seam due to movement when containers / products are formed. Please allow for movement up and down.

9. We can only start production of the goods ordered by you when 1) Payment is received in full and 2) you have approved the design of the goods.