5 Reasons branded paper cups are great for promoting your business

Paper cup branding is one of the most influential mediums to engage with your customers, promoting your brand story and products. Bespoke printed paper cups offer a positive personal interaction with your customers, cementing a lasting impression of your brand and fundamentally more business coming your way.

#1 Customised Paper Cups for Shops & Offices

You don’t need to run a coffee shop to custom print paper cups, they are great for showrooms, hair salons, estate agents, workplaces and more! Offering coffee or tea to customers in your personalised paper cups is sure to grab attention and increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. Paper cup branding allows for a personal interaction with your brand, effectively communicating new offers and services to your customers whilst in their hands!

Our 8oz Double wall personlaised paper cups are a great all rounder

#2 Increase brand exposure

On average people spend 20-30 minutes to consume a cup of coffee, which means your brand message, has time to sink in. Consumers drinking from the cups will associate positive feelings with your brand or business. When you think average costs per click in Google ads are between £1 and £2 while a custom printed paper cup is less than 20p, making then incredibly cheaper and more engaging form of marketing.

Try our single wall custom printed paper cups

#3 Target the streets

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, with Brits drinking 95 million cups of the stuff every day, followed closely by the nations second favourite; tea. As people take a while to consume their beverage it's most likely they will be walking around with it. An eye catching branded cup will draw attention to your business. Customised paper cups are great for printing your brand messages and latest promotions and offers.

#4 Bespoke printed paper cups for Exhibitions & Events

Everyone is a potential customer that has made the effort to visit. Now you need to make an impact and attract them to your stand. You can be certain everyone will pick up a tea or coffee so why not in your branded paper coffee cups. The great thing about paper cups is the variety of products you can fill them with. Try giving away snacks or sweets to engage with potential customers and make lasting impression. Your printed paper cups as walking adverts, attract more visitors to your brand and stand. Branded paper cups are a simple and effective way to increase your brand awareness across the event. Communicate effectively with visitors and promote new products and services. Printed takeaway coffee cups allow you to reach out to 100% of visitors. Promote your brand story and engage with customer on new levels. Encourage potential customers to your website with QR codes or competitions to track and convert into paying customers.

If your giving away treats at your event then we suggest our 4oz printed espresso / sample cups

#5 Environmentally friendly

Your customers care about eco friendly packaging when making purchasing decisions. PackGenie is fanatical about the environment and our responsibility to provide eco friendly paper cups.

We offer custom disposabe coffee cups in a 100% recyclable version made with EarthCoating® that can be easily pulped into the recycled paper using conventional paper recycling equipment. The innovative EarthCoating® is a mineralised resin, this breaks into small, dense particles which sink in the recycling pulp machine, leaving only the fibres to be recycled into paper.

Another eco friendly option would be our Custom Printed Compostable Cups lined with PLA that stand for Polylactic Acid , a thermoplastic material produced from natural starches. Some plastics take over 400 years to break down, PLA can be commercially composted and broken down in less than 12 weeks.

The trees used to create our paperboard products are farmed from responsibly managed forests and are replaced faster than they are consumed. Be bold, let customers know your printed paper cups are great for the environment.

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