Is your packaging sustainable / eco friendly?

PackGenie offer affordable, high quality environmentally friendly packaging solutions. All of our products are either: Compostable, Biodegradable or Recyclable from sustainably managed sources. We include clear, simple visible icons listing the key environmental benefits of each product; these can be easily found with every product we sell.

What does biodegradable mean?

Biodegradable refers to the ability of materials to break down and return to nature. In order for packaging products or materials to qualify as biodegradable, they must completely break down and decompose into natural elements within a reasonable amount of time. The ability to biodegrade within landfills helps to reduce the build up of waste, contributing to a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

What does compostable mean?

This material is suitable for treatment in a commercial facility where it will break down in 8-12 weeks to leave compost. These products conform to the EN13432 standard for compostability.

What does recyclable mean?

Recycling is a process to change materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution and water pollution by reducing the need for landfill and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

What's the difference between double and single wall paper cups?

Double-wall paper cups are made of 2 layers of paperboard, whereas single-wall paper cups are made of one layer of paperboard. Hot drinks can be poured in both single-wall and double-wall cups. However, when selecting single-wall cups for hot beverages, we recommend additionally using a textured paperboard sleeve to prevent the cup from getting too hot for holding.

Are the inks we use harmful?

We use food safe odourless inks; our sustainable sourced paperboard used is food grade with food grade PE or PLA coatings. We only work with food safe and quality assured ISO/BRC accredited manufacturers from the UK so you will always get the safest and highest quality products at the lowest prices.

How do I order samples?

To order samples please follow the sample link below:

Order Free Sample Pack

Links can also be food throughout our website and on our help page. Here you will be able to add samples you want to receive. Free samples are posted out on a 2-3 day service. Please note we only send 1-2 pieces of each product, but there will be plenty to see.