Office / Canteen / Kitchen Supplies

If your office need great value paper coffee cups with lids including compostable cups for the more environmentally conscious offices out there. We also have a range of cup carriers, wooden stirrers, paper napkinsfood boxes, trays and food bags that are great for the environment to keep your canteen operating smoothly. We also offer custom printed coffee cups and paper bags to suit the most professional of businesses.

paper coffee cups with lids

Paper Coffee Cups & Lids

cup carriers and wooden stirrers

Cup Sleeves, Cup Carriers & stirrers

cardboard food trays

Cardboard Trays

cardboard food boxes

Cardboard Boxes

foil containers with lids

Foil Containers & Lids

food bags - takeaway bags - greaseproof sheets

Food Bags, Wraps & sheets

personalised takeaway bags

Printed Paper Bags

branded coffee cups

Printed Coffee Cups

printed sticker and labels

Personalised Stickers

paper straws

Paper Straws

disposable cutlery

Disposable Cutlery

disposable plates and bowls

Plates & Bowls

bagasse food boxes

Bagasse Boxes

sauce pots - portion pots

Sauce Portion Pots

wooden skewers

Wooden Skewers

paper napkins

Paper Napkins

microwavable containers

Plastic Microwavable Containers & Lids

plastic glasses

Plastic Glasses & Lids

personalised glasses

Personalised Glasses

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