E-Gift Shop / Boutique Packaging

PackGenie specilaise in custom printed packaging for independant gift shops and boutique stores. This can be be printed packaging for a range of applcations including printed tissue paper for git wrapping clothing, homeware, candles, had made gifts and more. We have a personalised customer service to guide you throught the whole printing process so you always get the best result.PackGenie is clear about its ethical duty as a packaging wholesaler, and has set out its own environmental commitments to move towards a plastic free future.

printed mailer boxes

Printed Mailer Boxes

printed tissue paper

Printed Tissue Paper

We understand that environmentally friendly shipping packaging is important for our customers needs, as well as meeting expectations of its own customers. Which is why all our mailer packaging is biodegradable, compostable or recyclable to suit, all our customers waste requirements, ensuring you have a solution to your packaging waste.

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