Disposable Cutlery

At PackGenie we stock a large range of disposable cutlery to help meet the needs of many different catering and packaging companies across the UK. We aim to sell little packs to help out our smaller customers whilst offering great prices on all our products for larger ones.

wood cutlery

Wooden Cutlery

wood skewers

Wooden Skewers

plates and bowls

Plates and Bowls

Wooden Cones & Boats


Our disposable cutlery continues to grow with new products added on a regular basis. Please browse the various categories below for more info about the products available including eco friendly wooden cutlery to eat with you yummy food with. Small disposable spoons ideal for ice creams or stirring sugar into your coffee. Our wood skewers are fantastic if your looking for gun skewers to hold your quarter pounders together. Looped skewers are a great way to showcase your canapés, adding a little sophistication to your food. Wooden boats and wooden cones are a great alternative to presenting your delicious food for events and functions; they are made of very light weight wood giving a luxurious party feel. Bagasse plates and bowls are made from sugar cane making them unbelievably eco friendly, so kinder to the planet. Palm leaf plates and bowls are essential for buffet style events where disposable plates are needed. They are extremely sustainable and look absolutely stunning!

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