Asian Takeaway / Restaurant

PackGenie provides all the food packaging needed for your Chinese, Indian and other pan Asian inspired restaurants and takeaways. We supply a multitude of Thai, Asian and Indian street food vendors and restaurants - so we understand the food packaging essentials; foil containers and lids ideal for curry and rice dishes for takeaway.

foil containers and lids

Foil Containers

microwavable containers

Plastic Containers

takeaway bags

Paper Carrier Bags

plastic takeaway bags

Plastic Carrier Bags

prawn cracker bags

food bags

flat paper bags

flat paper bags

cardboard food boxes

Noodle Boxes

printed paper bags

Printed Paper Bags

wooden cutlery


sauce and portion pots

Sauce Portion Pots

paper napkins


personalised greaseproof parchment

Custom Greaseproof

Plastic containers are perfect for chow mien and beef in black bean for home delivery. Cardboard boxes are a must if your running a street food stall and your customers are eating on the go. Brown paper bags will hold all your order safely until it gets to the front door. Paper noodle boxes and tubs are a great way of serving food quickly whilst looking premium. All our food packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable – just look out for the green icons next to our products.

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