Why your business should print its logo on printed greaseproof paper

When you’re starting up your food business, you should be looking to take any opportunity you can to promote your business – you never know where your next customer could come from!


One thing that business owners can often overlook when it comes to marketing is the power of their packaging.

If you’re just using plain greaseproof paper, or other types of packaging, to wrap up your sandwiches or takeaway food, you may be missing a trick.


Using custom printed greaseproof paper not only can improve the way you serve food to your customers but can also be used as a tool to bring even more people to your business.

Here’s why your business should print its logo on printed greaseproof paper:


Creates credibility for your business

 Having customised packaging can create credibility for your food business. It shows customers that you are professional and have a strong brand image.

 Whether you’re using the material to serve up your pizzas, wrap up your burritos, or as placemats inside your restaurant, a little bit of branding can really go a long way in impressing your customers.



Encourages people to share pictures

 Who doesn’t love a bit of free marketing? If you choose a logo that is eye-catching and aesthetic, people are much more likely to want to take photos of it and share it on their social media accounts.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for any small business, just one post from a customer could be seen by hundreds of their friends and family that are in your area – who could also turn into new customers.

Think about it this way. Who is going to take a picture of plain greaseproof paper and post it on their social media accounts? Probably not many people.

But if your food looks amazing, and your branding is on-point, they are much more likely to take a photo.


Plus, if you include your business’ name, and potentially your location and social media account handle in the logo, you’ll make it much easier for new customers to find you.


Improves engagement

For any food business, having a consistent flow of regular customers is the ideal situation. Doing something as simple as printing your logo on printed greaseproof paper could help you to get more repeat customers.

People pay attention to printed materials like logos, which creates memories in their mind. With strong branding, they feel more connected to your brand and it’s more likely that you’ll be the first business they think of the next time they feel like going out to eat or ordering a takeaway.


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