Why you should add iced coffee to your menu

As the UK is entering spring we are finally getting some sun, cafés and bars are looking to change their menu to match the warmer weather. And if there’s one drink that’s perfect for a hot summer’s day, it’s iced coffee. This drink is refreshing, light, and has gained huge amounts of popularity in the past few years. Here are all the reasons why you should add iced coffee to your menu this summer and beyond.

1. Easy & Simplistic

Iced coffee is one of the easiest caffeinated beverages you can make. If you run a café, you’ll already have all of the barista equipment you need – you’ll just be adding ice to the brew instead. However, anyone can easily make iced coffee using ground coffee granules and a brewing vessel. This means you can offer this summer favourite to customers without needing to invest in fancy barista equipment if you don’t have it already.

2. High Popularity

Iced coffee is also rapidly gaining popularity in the UK. It may not be as loved as hot coffee alternatives, but there is a consumer shift towards iced drinks. In fact, according to Allegra Project Café Europe 2020 report, iced coffee is the fastest-growing coffee beverage in Europe. This is partially down to well-known coffee brands like Café Nero and Starbucks offering customers a thorough iced drink selection, besides social media influencers jumping on board with the trend. It has captured the millennial market and its popularity is forecasted to continue upwards.

3. Increased Profits

Iced coffee is seen as a more luxurious alternative to traditional coffee. In Europe, it is commonly served like a frappuccino with milk, coffee, cream, and syrups blended together. However, there are endless possibilities with iced beverages, and this versatility and luxury feel mean you can charge more for iced drinks. And the more you can charge, the more profit you’ll make.

4. Branding Opportunity

If we’ve convinced you to add iced coffee to your menu, you should look at investing in branded coffee cups. Using branded packaging gives an even more premium feel to your iced drinks, allowing you to further increase your prices. Besides, today’s consumers are not only purchasing the drink but a whole experience. While your customers walk around with their iced coffee in their hand, you will be improving your brand awareness and growing your business.

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