Why tissue paper is a must for e-commerce retailers

You’ve done the hard bit! Your customers have searched high and low to find your store and have made the decision to purchase from you. Nothing gets the heart racing as much as a parcel arriving at the door.

 receiving parcel packgenie

Touch point 1 – The anticipation of arrival

This is the perfect time to leave a lasting impression; the way your products are presented at this stage will either shoot your brand into the stratosphere or fall flat and lead to disappointment. Custom printed tissue paper is great way of showcasing your brand message; let the quality of your personalised tissue paper ooze luxury before your customer has even got to their wares inside. Tissue paper is not only great for presenting your products they also protect them too. A quality look and a positive memorable customer experience is so important as this will be the first physical touch point of your brand if you only sell online. Customers will be much more likely to promote your brand on social media and by mouth if they are wowed with your packaging. This is why Personalised tissue paper is used by so many larger retail brands including:

H&M Luxury bespoke tissue paper

Branded tissue paper Top Shop

Boohoo bespoke printed tissue paper

Puma custom printed tissue paper

Printed tissue paper Paul Smith

Bespoke tissue paper Mint Velvet

Custom printed tissue paper White Company

Compostable mailer bags are a great way to protect your products in transit whilst being great for the environment.

custom tissue paper

Touch point 2 – The excitement of unwrapping

A great way of adding the ultimate finish to your branded tissue paper is to add a personalised sticker. This is a great touch point, as pretty much every customer will peel this off to get inside. So make sure your brand is visually clear, lots of companies use a nice contrasting sticker to make their brand pop out. There are alternatives such as wrapping the tissue paper with hessian or ribbon; this gives a more traditional feel. Why not loop tags and personalised notes to your customers thanking them for their purchase? This level of detail goes a long way and is sure to win repeat business and promotion.

 branded tissue paper

Touch point 3 – Green is on your customer’s mind

After the flurry of excitement is over and your customer has found a new home for their purchase; what next? Time to clear up the mess! This is when people start thinking about how environmentally friendly your bespoke custom tissue paper is. Well this is where style and eco-friendly go hand in hand. At PackGenie all our tissue paper is acid free and printed using soy based inks. This makes it great for the planet and completely biodegradable. Our tissue is acid free and FSC sourced from sustainably managed forests. Why not add a subtle little message to your custom printed tissue and let your customers know you care about the environment.

 eco friendly tissue paper soy-based inks

Custom print / minimum cost

Bespoke printed tissue paper is a cost effective option to promote your brand. 21p a sheet for 1000 sheets of tissue paper printed with your logo in 1 colour. Making it a lot cheaper than printing on cardboard mailer boxes with probably more customer impact.

 personalised tissue paper with sticker and tied

Custom Printed Tissue Paper Key Features

1 or 2 colours

High quality print

Free delivery to 1 UK Address

2 different sizes:

1) Standard (50cm x 75cm) perfect for clothing, homeware, flowers, alcohol and more.

2) Small (38cm x 50cm) ideal for smaller items such as jewellery, skin care products, candles, subscription boxes and more.

Fast turnaround - 15 working days

Express turnaround available – 10 working days

Soy-based non-bleed inks

Acid free

FSC Approved paper

100% Biodegradable / Compostable

100% Recyclable

Free design prep and support at all stages


You can order our custom printed tissue paper online here or please contact our friendly support team to discuss your design requirements today! We can mock up FREE visuals quickly so you can see your vision come to life in a matter of minutes.

To discuss this bespoke service contact us by phone on: 02034 88 22 00 or Email us.