Why Printed Greaseproof Paper is a Must Have For Any Business

Known for its versatility and eco-friendly benefits, custom-printed greaseproof paper is a great choice for any owners or marketing managers at cafes, bakeries, coffee bars and more looking to stand out from the competition.

A fantastic solution to avoid breakfast sandwich overspill for customers to eat in comfort, or to wrap up a juicy burger for lunch without causing too much mess, we take a look at why printed greaseproof paper is a must have addition to your service offering.

Broadening your customer reach

Aside from the practical benefits of greaseproof paper in allowing food to stay fresher for longer without ingredients getting stuck in the packaging, adding your logo and brand messaging to food wrapping instantly creates valuable advertising space.

Think of some of the most recognised fast-food brands and coffee chains in the world. You can picture their logo and product packaging in your mind, right? This is how switching out your blank greaseproof paper to a custom design can help your brand resonate with customers in a way not previously possible.
When added to Branded Paper Cup or Printed Cutlery designs, you can create full visibility of your brand across every tangible element of your dining or takeaway experience - thereby increasing the likelihood of extended customer reach.

Eco-friendly appeal

Because printed greaseproof paper such as our greaseproof sheets tend to be made with biodegradable materials such as pulp, this will no double resonate with both potential and existing customers alike, and is even something that you can shout about on the greaseproof print itself.

With the modern-day consumer becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, highlighting how your brand is doing its bit to preserve the earth can transcend your company beyond simply a food ordering or dining service in becoming a go to location for sustainable nutrition.

Positioning your brand in the home

Because greaseproof paper is safe to put in the microwave, oven or freezer, the level of convenience for the ever on the move commuter or family is vastly increased.

Because this lends itself to storage in the home, printing your brand logo on the greaseproof paper packaging ensures that you also have a visible presence outside of your café environment on the high street.

In effect, this creates a dream scenario for your marketing department, as you have the potential for 24/7 visibility of your brand as a customer moves between home and work life.  

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