Why loyalty is now so important for your business - what Packgenie can do to help!

 With cost of living crisis rising, people are cutting down on little luxuries like eating out and their daily coffee to go. For takeaway food business, restaurants and sales driven business in general this this isn’t what you want to be hearing, but there are benefits from this that we can take away and make in to a huge positive. 

 While people are cutting down, they are still going to want to treat themselves now and again. There are incentives businesses can offer to get their customers coming back. This can effectively be done by using custom branded packaging. 

Look at the mighty M (not name dropping, they don’t need any further recognition) but they have people coming back to the golden arches to collect and play their favourite fast food monopoly. This being on a bigger scale than your local coffee van, there are still ways you can scale down big ideas like this to adapt and work for your business that may not be a big as Ronald’s just yet. 

Here are our top 3 hacks. Read on to keep your customers coming back



Loyalty cards - self inking stamps 

Giving out loyalty cards to your customers with a free gift at the end of the card is a great way to get people to come back and spend knowing they have something free to look forward to at the end of their let's say 10 visits? 

You can even add in smaller prizes along the way. Loyalty cards can be used as motivation to return in many businesses such as coffee shops, nail and other beauty bars, restaurants, clothing shops, you name it, a loyalty card most probably exists for that business. 


Packgenie sell self inking Loyalty stamps and the best part you ask? They are custom branded loyalty stamps so you can stamp your business logo on your branded loyalty card. Simple ideas like this will keep your customers coming back. 

Shop loyalty stamps - get in touch with us today to order help@packgenie..co.uk 


Make it personal - Write your customers name on their cup 

Writing your customers name on their coffee to go will give that caring touch they didn’t know they needed. Not everybody is a morning person and being greeted by the coffee shop barista early before the office shift can be the highlight of some peoples day. Adding a little space on your custom branded stickers allows for your staff to add their customers name and make that small difference to someones morning start. If you remember them the likelihood is they will remember you. 

Packgenie offer a range of stickers in different shapes, sizes and finishes. Select “Printed stickers” and get your stickers on order with us today.

We suggest circle stickers for cups and all other shapes can be used as tamper evident stickers and on flat surfaces. 

Personalised stickers are not just for coffee, add these to your grab bags when sending out takeaway with deliveroo to make your customer feel special the they receive their food. 

Taking the time to personalise something so simple like a sticker will keep you on your customers mind. 

Shop stickers here 



Highlighting Dietary requirements & personal requests - How Food flags can be good for this. 

If someone is Vegan or gluten Free they don’t want to ask to be asking the deemed as awkward “is there gluten or dairy in this” phrase,  so a simple thing you can do to create ease when ordering is add all allergens and specific diets in bold on the front. Using food flags is a fun way to label your display and dishes that go out to your customers. These can also be printed on stickers when sending out takeaway packaging. Making your customers feel safe and considered is a great way to build customer loyalty. Keep them coming back with the simple act labelling your food. 

Shop food flags here

If you want to make more profit from your business, customer loyalty is the basis of any high turnover, Get in touch with Packgenie today 

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