Why do your takeaway food bags need tamper-evident stickers?


Chances are, your food business is taking advantage of the huge boom in food delivery services like Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc.

The rise in these delivery options may mean that there are fewer customers coming into your physical stores, but could be creating a whole new revenue stream for your business.

Although food delivery is convenient, it can also be subject to tampering as your food is being delivered to your customers. But, there is one easy way that you can prevent this from happening, by using tamper-evident stickers.

What are tamper-evident stickers?

Tamper-evident stickers are labels that you can place on your takeaway food bags to ensure that the bags remain unopened while the food is being delivered to your customer.

Although they can’t prevent tampering altogether, it does make it clear to the customer if their food has been tampered with when their delivery arrives – if there’s a rip in the sticker, they will know that they shouldn’t eat the food and should get in contact with you straight away.

Why is it important to use tamper-evident stickers on takeaway food bags?

1. Keeps food fresh and safe

The main reason why every food business should be using tamper-evident stickers is that it helps to keep your food fresh and safe, even when being transported by delivery drivers.

It also reduces the risk of food contamination and promotes the industry standards of food safety, which every business should do their very best to follow.

2. Helps you with quality control

When you’re delivering your food to your customers, you don’t always have as much control when it comes to quality as you would serving your customers directly.

As soon as the food leaves your shop, you’re relying on the delivery driver to get your food to the end customer safely.

With tamper-evident stickers, you can regain some of that control and feel confident that your food will show up at your customer’s door in the same condition as it was when you prepared it.

3. Builds trust for your customers

Finally, by securing tamper-evident stickers to your takeaway bags, you can help to build trust and loyalty from your customers.

These stickers prove to your customers that you care about their safety and want to ensure your food comes in the best possible condition. This will make them trust you more and place more orders with your business in the future.

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