Why do you always need a variety of sizes of greaseproof paper?

When you’re running a food business, there are a few items that you always need on hand. Takeaway boxes to fulfil all your to-go orders, plenty of cutlery to hand to customers as they pick up food, and napkins to avoid mess while eating.

Another important thing that is always important to have is greaseproof paper. Used for a variety of different purposes, it’s a daily essential for many managers who are trying to satisfy their customers.

However, buying one reel of greaseproof paper is not enough to keep your business ticking along smoothly. Often, you may realise that you need various sizes to use for different purposes.


What can you use greaseproof paper for?

Printed greaseproof paper is a great item to have in your cupboard for food packaging, displaying your products, and organising your table settings but, there is a whole range of potential uses that you may be interested in.


1. Disposable menus

Since the pandemic, many food businesses have rethought their approach to menus. For hygiene reasons, standard menus are not as popular as before so many companies have moved to QR code menus or even disposable options.

Disposable menus made of greaseproof paper are a sustainable alternative as they can be composted after every use. Plus, printing on greaseproof paper is much more affordable than printing on regular paper.

Simply submit your menu in image form, and it can be printed on greaseproof paper and shipped out to you in bulk so you never have to worry about running out. You and your guests will also not have to worry about spreading germs or bacteria by reusing menus multiple times.


2. Wrapping sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs etc.

One of the most popular greaseproof paper uses is to wrap up various food items like sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, or even ice cream cones.

Depending on the size of the items that you’re wrapping up, you want to make sure that you’re using greaseproof paper that will easily wrap everything up, without having too much excess material in the way.


3. Tray or basket liners

If you want to make your food more appealing as you’re serving it to your guests, or displaying it in trays, using the greaseproof paper to line the trays or baskets is a great idea.

It’s a good opportunity to use your logo and reinforce positive messages about your brand and will show your customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile when it comes to presentation.

Using greaseproof paper as tray or basket liners also will help you with clearing up after your guests as the paper will collect up any food or drink that gets spilled and won’t require cleaning.


4. Table placements

If you’re running a sit-down restaurant, having personalised table placements is a creative way to make the dining experience more enjoyable for your guests.

Not only will the table placements catch crumbs and spills, but they can also be disposed of after every use so there is minimal cleaning-up effort needed from your team.


Why is it important to have different sizes of greaseproof paper?

Depending on what you’re planning to use your greaseproof paper for, you will probably be in need of a few different sizes.

After all, the greaseproof paper that you use to wrap up sandwiches will need to be a very different size from the paper that you use for table placement or to line your chip baskets.


At Pack Genie, we offer our customers 10 different sizes of greaseproof paper that they can personalise and use for their food business. 


Ranging from 500mm x 335mm to 160mm x 160mm, we have a wide range of options that will fit any of your needs.


Our largest size available is 500mm x 335mm, which is the ideal size if you want to use disposable placemats in your cafe or restaurant. These larger sizes of greaseproof paper also allow you to be more creative when it comes to design. 


You can play around with different logos, add some fun graphics, or even create space for children to draw and colour in.


One of our mid-range sizes is 297mm x 210mm which is ideal for lining takeaway boxes, sandwich trays or fish and chip boxes. This is a versatile size that could be used in many different ways so you can really experiment with different uses.


Our smallest size options, 210mm x 148mm is also great for lining trays and baskets, particularly for food items that are slightly smaller. For example, doughnuts and cupcakes, or takeaway salads or chips.


We’d always recommend having a range of sizes so that your business is never left without. Normally it’s best to choose one large size, one medium, and one small so that you’ve covered all your bases.


Not only does using greaseproof paper help to make the lives of your customers and your team easier by making it simple to transport items, reduce spills, and minimise clean-up time, but it can also be used as a good way to broaden your customer reach.


Well-designed greaseproof paper items are a great chance to add your logo and brand messaging to entice and interest your customers. This is why we think it’s so important to personalise your paper to make it completely unique to your business.


Designing your greaseproof is easy, especially when you’re ordering everything through Pack Genie.



Whether you’ve got your own design in mind, or want to leave it up to the professionals to design eye-catching and enticing graphics, Pack Genie can help bring your personalised product to life.


Simply upload your masterpiece (or ask our team to do it for you), we’ll work our magic, and then get your personalised products shipped out to you as soon as possible for your customers to start enjoying.


To find out more about the custom print options at Pack Genie, read more on our website.