Which Coffee Cup Size is Best Suited to My Business?

There are plenty of size options here at Packgenie when it comes to ordering your very own branded coffee cups, with everything from a single wall recyclable cup at 4oz to a double wall 16 oz versions covering off all your customer needs.

However, how do you know which size is right for customers in your café or coffee and tea stand? Our handy guide below can point you in the right direction before you sign off on your order.

4oz espresso and sample cups

Perfect if you specialise in espresso coffee, babyccino, cortado or piccolo, or if you regularly attend networking or industry events where you want to offer sample cups of different coffee or tea blends for potential clients or customers to try.
Offering a 4oz size option to customers can also be useful when changing your drinks menu between seasons, with mulled wine at Christmas being a perfect example where people might just want to sip a quick drink before moving on to another stall.

Our 4oz espresso cups come in a variety of options:

- For those who have environmental factors at the top of their priorties list our reCUP single wall recyclable cups with earthcoating is the option for you.

- Maybe your on a budget and need the best value cups for your money then out PE lined cups are a great alternative: Single wall branded espresso cups 4oz


8oz paper coffee cups

Perhaps the most typical size for offering customers a smaller version of an in-house coffee, latte, or mocha, and can be a preferred choice if you get a lot of customers coming in for an early morning pick-me-up before starting work.
Otherwise referred to as a ‘regular’ in certain corners of the world, this is also seen as a popular choice for friends and colleagues meeting in a short window of time such as on their lunch break.

8oz custom printed paper coffee cups

8oz 100% recyclable reCUP branded coffee cups

12oz paper coffee cups

Anything between 10-12 oz would generally be considered a medium size coffee order and is one of the most common orders in takeaway coffee houses where customers can enjoy a larger cup of coffee while on the train to work for example.
With flexible use for a wide range of hot drinks options, ordering a number of

12oz coffee cups would also be useful if you wanted to serve anything from a small to medium drink in the same cup.

Here are options available:

12oz double wall reCUPs 100% recyclable

Standard 12oz double wall coffee cups


16oz paper coffee cups  

While this is the largest cup size on offer in most cafes and coffee houses, it does have the same diameter as the 12oz option, and its extra size is found in how tall it is.

- 16oz double wall coffee cups printed

- Custom branded double wall reCUPs

If your customers tend to spend a long time chatting or relaxing in a cosy environment that’s made for curling up with a good book, then it can be worthwhile ordering several of these to make sure customers don’t have to keep coming back to order more in a smaller cup.

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