What size printed greaseproof paper do I need?

Printed grease proof paper is an inexpensive high impact food packaging solution that will get your brand noticed and most importantly remembered; to bring those customers back!

Printed greaseproof paper is perfect for hygienic disposable table settings, food packaging liners, pizza box liners, wraps, chip bucket liners and much more!

If your reading this then your most likely unsure what size greaseproof paper will work with your takeaway / dine in food or maybe both. PackGenie sell 10 different greaseproof paper sheet sizes, so it can be a bit confusing getting a sense of scale when your just reading numbers on a screen. This is why we have put together our greaseproof paper size guide to help our customers make the right choice when it comes to custom printed greaseproof paper. 

Lets start from the largest size and work our way down to our smallest. We've added some cutlery to our images so its easier to gage a sense of scale:


1. Custom printed greaseproof paper 500mm x 335mm

Our most versatile size: If your looking for a hygienic disposable placemat for eat in that doubles up as takeaway packaging then 500 x 335mm is a great option. Plates, cutlery and glasses fit comfortable on top of this sheet size. You can be a bit playful with the design so it covers both eat in or take out. The sheet size is also big enough to be cut in half if needed for smaller food offerings. The quickest way to do this is fold the grease proof paper in half and run a knife along the folded edge to cut swiftly for speed of service (be careful not  to cut yourself). 


printed greaseproof paper size 500 x 335mm

2. Printed grease proof paper 420mm x 297mm

Slightly smaller than our largest sheet, this size greaseproof paper still offers large real-estate to be used as a placemat for dine in or serve your food directly onto. It can also be cut in half for takeaway if needed or maybe your wrapping burgers with different filling options so you can use the same sheet depending on how big or small your burgers get. 


printed greaseproof paper size  420 x 297

3. Printed greaseproof paper 406mm x 225mm

The proportions of this greaseproof sheet size is long compared to its width. So what's this size best used for?  If you have long plates or want to serve your food half open with the greaseproof paper folded over your food / maybe you sell long hot dogs or if your looking for a takeaway option where your customers need a clean surface to eat from then the long side can be folded over to create a pouch to eat from.

printed greaseproof paper size 402mm x 297mm

4. Printed greaseproof paper 335mm x 335mm

Great for wrapping hamburgers! our 335mm x 335mm greaseproof paper is the size used by McDonalds to wrap their cheeseburgers and breakfast muffins. Not only this it can also be used as a plate or table liner to be disposed of after use. Don't forget all our printed greaseproof paper user food safe inks and are 100% eco friendly meaning they can be recycled or composted.

printed greaseproof paper size 300 x 300mm 

5. Printed greaseproof paper 335mm x 250mm

Even this side is great for a placemat but I would probably say we're getting a bit tight for fitting a glass or cups along with a plate of food. A great size for wrapping open burgers of sandwiches to display or eating on the move! 

printed greaseproof paper size 250mm x 335mm

6. Printed greaseproof paper 297mm x 210mm 

Ideal size for larger tray liners or baskets for sharing fries or wings. Could be used as a placemat, but getting on the smaller side for this. This is also a great size for lining fish and chip boxes with greaseproof paper.

printed greaseproof paper - size 297mm x 210mm

7. Printed greaseproof paper 250mm x 250mm

If you just need a single plate liner then this is your size, or maybe you want to place it on a plate or tray so the food sits on top. Great for lining small pizza boxes as its just under 10 inches so will fit nicely in that size box.

printed greaseproof paper size 250mm x 250mm


8. Printed greaseproof paper 250mm x 167mm

Perfect for tray or box liners, or maybe for tasters and appetisers to display food on. This is also a great size for wrapping around chip buckets and for marketing your promotions and offers.

printed greaseproof paper size 250 x 167

9. Printed greaseproof paper 210mm x 148mm

Great size for lining your food packaging trays, boxes and chip buckets. Put 2 together and they can also be used as tray liners when serving customers eat in food.

printed greaseproof paper - sheet size  210mm x 148mm

Top tip: Double up to create a tray liner!


10. Printed greaseproof paper 160mm x 160mm

Perfect little size for placing burgers, fries, or toasties on to whilst still gaining excellent brand exposure! They can also be used as coasters for drinks or bar snacks. This is the size if you want to wrap the bottom of ice cream cones.

custom printed greaseproof paper size: 160 x 160mm



Benefits of our printed greaseproof paper:


    • Great for the environment - 100% Recyclable & Compostable
    • Our printed greaseproof paper comes in 2 sheet colours - White or Kraft brown
    • Multiple sizes
    • 1 to full colour printing
    • Free design support - Just send us your logo & see a mock up of your design
    • Fast delivery - 7 to 10 working days
    • Short print runs - Starting from 1000 sheets
    • ISEGA / FDA - Food contact certified 
    • Halal certified
    • Suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers.


PackGenie makes printing on greaseproof paper easy - If you need printed greaseproof paper then don't hesitate; get in touch today!