What packaging do you need for great home delivery service?

Since the pandemic, when many restaurants had to pivot to survive, home delivery services have become more popular than ever before. But with a rise in popularity comes a rise in competition, which means companies selling food for takeaway need to be at top of their game to stand out from competition.


Providing great food is only one part of the equation. Your takeaway packaging is just as important, as it can make or break the customer's experience. Here are some of the key packaging solutions you need to provide a high-quality home delivery service:


Greaseproof liner: keeping the food fresh and tidy


Greaseproof liner is an essential item for all takeaway packaging. It's particularly important for oily or greasy foods like fried chicken, as it keeps excess oil from soaking through the packaging and contaminating any other food items packaged inside. Here at Pack Genie, we provide food businesses with printed greaseproof paper that can be delivered in as little as two weeks. Elevate your brand name to the forefront by adding your name and logo.

greaseproof paper printed with blue chicken hatch logo on 38gsm white greaseproof paper

Pizza boxes: protecting the pizza and preserving the heat


Pizza is a beloved food choice for the UK population, verified by the fact it was the most ordered takeaway choice in regions across the country in 2022. To make sure pizzas arrive at their destination in tip top condition, printed pizza boxes are a must. Designed specifically for this purpose, with a sturdy structure that keeps the pizza intact and prevents it from getting damaged in transit. They’re also often designed with insulating properties that help preserve the heat of the pizza, ensuring that it arrives hot and ready to eat.

Pizza box liner custom printed with slice logo in black on brown 40 gsm greaseproof paper

Burger boxes: making sure the burger stays in one piece


Another nation favourite is burgers. Succulent and meaty, it’s not difficult to see why! However, filled with toppings and sauces, it can be difficult to ensure that this tasty food item arrives to its destination in one piece. Burger boxes are designed to keep the burger in one piece during transport, so that it’s ready to be enjoyed on arrival. Printing on your burger boxes is also give opportunity to promote your brand and contact information.

 custom printed burger boxes

Why not use food boxes to protect your burgers in transit. This way you can wrap your burger with printed greaseproof paper for maximum brand exposure when your customer opens the box. This is also a great way to keep your burgers hotter for longer, whilst keeping them in good shape ready to eat.

wrapping burger in printed greaseproof then putting inside box ready for home delivery

Printed customisable paper bags: enhancing brand visibility and customer experience


When a customer receives their order from the delivery driver, it’ll be handed over in a paper bag. Make sure they have a great first impression by packaging their meal in a printed paper bag. Customisable paper bags are a great way to enhance your brand visibility, as they can be printed with your restaurant's logo, contact information, and other branding elements, which makes them an effective marketing tool. An added bonus? They're environmentally friendly and can be recycled, which, nowadays, is an important consideration for many consumers.

 custom printed paper bags for takeaway and personalised pet cups

Here at Pack Genie, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality, affordable food and drink packaging that can be customised with their unique branding. If you’re on the hunt for a reliable packaging provider that you can trust, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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