What is the food truck trend? Here’s everything you need to know

Food trends may constantly be coming and going, but there’s one trend that looks like it’s here to stick around...food trucks.


Food trucks have been around for a while and started off as delicious hot dog and burger trucks but we’re now seeing these food outlets becoming seriously gourmet, plus being a serious money-maker for many companies.


What is a food truck?


A food truck is just a truck that’s been fitted out with a kitchen so that you can drive around and serve customers from anywhere.


They were once viewed as places where you could get greasy, unhealthy food, but since the food truck boom, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of healthy, high-quality companies entering the market serving up delicious food for a fraction of the price you would pay at a restaurant.


Why should I get a food truck for my company?


Food trucks are a great way to get your tasty food into the hands of paying customers. Here are some of the main benefits of having one:


  • Cheaper


The cost of running a food truck is a lot cheaper than it is running a restaurant. Although it may cost a lot to refit a van, after that you only need to worry about the cost of your ingredients, electricity, petrol and potentially a fee for parking up in specific spots.


  • You can travel to where your customers are going to be


The biggest bonus of having a food truck is that you’re completely mobile, you can travel anywhere that you think your customers could be.


You could go into the city at lunchtime to serve food to office workers on their breaks, or even pay to set up shop at a local festival to serve customers.


  • Easier to promote


Your van is like a driving billboard, making it extra easy to market your brand as you drive around your city. There’s also a great opportunity to create branded packaging and cutlery that has your logo on it, and if people are standing around eating your food, this could also be a great promotional opportunity.


So do you think you’d be interested in switching up your business plan and choosing to sell your recipes using a food truck instead? It could be one of the best decisions you’ve made yet.


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