What can you do with greaseproof paper?

There are lots of different ways to use greaseproof paper. We offer a high-quality range of printed greaseproof paper in standard lead times or express greaseproof which can be personalised with imagery or logos of your choice, making it a great option for food brands who want to stand out.  

Whether you’re a coffee shop or a takeaway, a food van or a pizza joint, there’s a lot more that you can do with your greaseproof than you might think. Read on for some of the best-known (and lesser known) ways to use this kitchen staple. We hope it inspires you to make the most of this innovative and useful product!  

Publicise your brand

Because you can add branding to our greaseproof paper, this is an ideal opportunity to use it to spread the word about your company. Whether you’re well established or a brand new company, it’s always a good idea to seize any chance you have to tell the world about your business. Greaseproof paper could be a great (and unexpected) way to do just that. 

Greaseproof paper can be most obviously added to food orders, so it’s most applicable to companies in the hospitality and foodie industries. However, that’s far from the end of the story! The paper can also be used as brand-specific product wrapping for other items, leaving business owners limitless possibilities for getting creative.

Wrap sandwiches 

Why not add some flair to your sandwiches, burgers, and wraps? Sandwiches can be wrapped up in greaseproof paper for easy transportation, making it simpler to grab a bite to eat and go! 

Wrapping up sandwiches with greaseproof paper also helps prevent food from spilling or dripping on the floor or clothing, by creating a secure ‘environment’ for the sandwich. This is handy for messy eaters, but also invaluable for people running a takeaway or food truck.

Yet the same benefits can be gained while prepping food for catering and other events, making greaseproof paper a fantastic addition to packed lunches. 

Cook with it in a microwave 

One of the best things about greaseproof paper is its durability, and this extends to being able to use it in a microwave. 

While you’ll still want to use a bit of caution, greaseproof paper can withstand microwave cooking with ease.

As budgets get tighter, using greaseproof paper can help you to make more of some of your more economical kitchen equipment – this is a fantastic place to begin. 

Wrap gifts 

Looking for a unique way to wrap that perfect gift? Greaseproof paper could be just what you’re looking for. It’s an unexpected way to use the product, but highly effective – particularly if you’re opting to add a design. 

This is fantastic for gifting, but also for businesses. You can wrap almost anything in greaseproof paper – foodie products like sandwiches, wraps and burgers, or sweets, or even wine bottles, bath treats and candles. This will help keep them safe and give them a distinctive flair that the recipient of your gift or product is sure to appreciate.

Protect frozen food 

Greaseproof paper can be used in other food-related ways, too. Instead of just opting to wrap fresh food, try using it when storing refrigerated and freezer-ready produce. Greaseproof paper will help create a barrier between the food and the place you’re storing it, and as greaseproof paper can be used in both a fridge and a freezer, it’s the perfect product to always have on hand! 

We recommend keeping products tightly wrapped if you’re using them for longer-term storage, ensuring that when they are taken out to thaw, everything stays in place. Whether choosing printed or traditional greaseproof paper, this is a lovely way to cut down on your use of freezer bags by choosing a different material. 

Make bags 

Greaseproof paper can be the perfect basis for making yourself some decorate, functional paper bags. Tough enough to hold some weight but delicate enough to still be more aesthetically pleasing than a plastic bag, this is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to give crafting a go but doesn’t know quite where to start! 

There are plenty of great tutorials on platforms like YouTube about how to make paper bags for yourself – do some browsing and get inspired. 

These bags can then be transformed into additions to gifts or used in a commercial setting, and our greaseproof paper, emblazoned with your own logo or image, will make a truly unique addition. 

Use it in craft projects

Greaseproof paper can also be used in a number of fun craft projects, so if this sounds like your cup of tea, then grab a pair of scissors and some glue, and get crafting! 

Try cutting the paper into different shapes and sizes and see what patterns and shapes you can create. There are so many ways to be crafty with greaseproof paper, and you’re sure to create something truly unique. 

Cover jars 

Lost the lid to a jar, but don’t want to throw it away? Then reach for your roll of greaseproof paper. It can be used to create a seal (which you can secure with a rubber band or tie) and keep the contents of your jar safe and secure so it isn’t exposed to air which can cause perishable items to spoil prematurely.

Greaseproof paper is particularly popular with hobbyist jam and preserve makers. You can use the paper for a decorative addition to glass jars as well as a functional one. This is even more true if you’re opting for our printed greaseproof paper, which has tons of ‘wow’ factor whether you’re planning to sell what you’ve made, store it for using yourself, or gift preserves it to friends and family. 

Finding the right greaseproof paper

Our greaseproof paper is available in a range of different sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right one for you in no time at all. We offer speedy delivery and great customer service, so you can be sure your new addition will arrive ready for you to put it to use in one or more of the exciting, innovative ways we’ve described in this article. 

Think we’ve missed something out? Let us know! 

Check out our full range of greaseproof paper and delivery options to find out more. 

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