What are the top 5 hot drinks your business should be serving_

Everyone loves a hot drink - which is probably why they’re normally the most popular items on any café menu.

Once you have your branded paper cups ready, it’s time to think about the hot drinks that you’re going to offer to your customers.

Here are the top 5 drinks that your business should be serving which, trust us, your customers are going to love.

    •    Coffee
Coffee should be a staple on every menu, but have you thought about all of the different types of coffee that you could offer your customers?

The most popular types of coffee at the moment are lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. All of these hot drinks use the same ingredients - coffee, milk and water - but you prepare them in slightly different ways.

    •    English breakfast tea
Everyone expects English breakfast tea to be on the menu, so make sure that your business is serving it!

You can either use tea bags, or if you want to be more environmentally-friendly, opt for loose-leaf tea.

Remember to make sure you also offer your customers milk and sugar to go along with their tea.

    •    Green tea
To really elavate your offering, you’ll want to ensure that your business is offering drinks for the health-conscious too and that means serving up green tea.

Green tea is an easy addition to any menu as all you need are the tea bags and boiling water.

Green tea is very healthy as it contains antioxidants and offers a range of health benefits like improving brain function and increasing fat burning.

There are lots of different types of green tea that you can add to your menu, so why not trial a few and see which ones your customers favour?

    •    Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate is the perfect sweet treat to have on your menu and is something that’s popular across all ages.

Children especially will often not want coffee or tea when they order, so having options like hot chocolate is an easy way to win over all of the family. This is one hot beverage where you have plenty of room to be creative. You could offer luxury hot chocolates with additional whipped cream and chocolate on top for example, experiment with different chocolate types, add a boozy twist or top them with decadent treats such as marshmallows or biscuits.

    •    Chai tea
Chai is one of those drinks that has cult status but it’s an especially fitting addition to your autumn and winter menus because of its cosy, spicy flavour profile.

You can brew your own chai by mixing black tea and aromatic Indian spices, but you can also buy it as tea bags or loose-leaf. To finish off the drink, simply top the tea with some milk.

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