Want to Improve Your Branding on a Budget? Custom Rubber Stamps Can Help!

If you are just starting out in hospitality or have been hit particularly hard by the effects of COVID-19, it stands to reason that you might not have the biggest budget to play with when it comes to branding your products.

However, this doesn’t have to stop you from transforming your takeaway, café or restaurant packaging into slick and professionally custom-branded designs – with our paper bag and pizza box rubber stamp kits offering a simply and cost-effective marketing solution.

Why use rubber stamps for logo and food product branding?

We understand that growing your brand comes at cost, and it’s simply not possible to get everything done right away.

If printing directly onto pizza boxes, coffee cups or clothing store paper bags would prove too costly, then rubber stamps with your logo, strapline, or other text on can be a great starter point for introducing customers to your brand.

There is also the angle that for smaller businesses and brands priding themselves on an independent, ‘homely’ company image, rubber stamping offers the ideal balance between the relatable and the commercial.

Cost saving without compromising on quality

Because it won’t just be food items or company products that you’ll need to brand as your business grows, having the ability to stamp delivery notes and envelopes with your logo at will can save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Clearly, there’s no point in saving money on building your brand image if the end result isn’t up to scratch, which is why our stamp kits come with a robust acrylic mount with solid handle, as well as a unique location system to ensure accurate positioning when stamping for consistent quality.

What’s included in my rubber stamp package?

Depending on the size and width you want your rubber stamp in, the total price will include your personalised design and logo that you can e-mail over to us after you purchase.

We will convert your artwork for use with the provided ink pad, and you will receive a proof of the end result free of charge, before sending out your chosen kit so that you can get going as soon as possible.

You can also choose from a variety of ink colours that matches your brand pantones or works best with the style and type of packaging you use when selling your products. 

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