The Ultimate Guide to Branded Paper Cups

Maybe you're asking yourself: What even is a brand?

If you own your own business, you've most likely heard people talk about your "brand" - but what does that even mean?

Your brand = your identity

Your company branding is its identity. It's what makes you stand out from your competitors and position you within your marketplace.

It's a lot more than just your logo...

It's everything your business communicates. From your business cards, website imagery, typography (text style), the tone of your content. Your logo is a huge part of your brand, but it's much more than that. 

Why is branding so important?

Your brand lets people know who you are. It makes it easy to be identified by customers. Branding is fundamental to a business because of the impact it has on your company and to your customers. Branding is critical when trying to generate new business. This is why branding on packaging is a great way for you customers to familiarise themselves with your brand. Branded paper cups, no matter if its for soft drinks, beers, cocktails, ice cream, chips or churros; can be used in a playful way to increase brand values, enhance customer experience and generate new customers. 

So.. Now you know what a brand is and the benefits of branded packaging, what custom printed paper cups are available to print on? 

Custom Branded Sample Cups / Espresso Cups

printed espresso paper cups / paper sample cups printed

Our sampling cups or bespoke printed espresso cups are produced using single wall paper from sustainably managed forests. This mean the trees used to make these cups are replaced faster than they are consumed. They are great for sampling tea, coffee, snack, sweet treats or for your espresso shots. They can be printed all over in full 4 colour CMYK with a matt or gloss finish. Available in size: 4oz printed paper cups. PackGenie produce all our branded paper cups in the UK. To stop the cups from leaching through to the cardboard they are lined with a PE coating. There has been lots of news recently saying these cups can't be recycled but they can be at certain recycling stations, so its important they are collected and disposed of using the correct waste channels. link to custom branded espresso / sample cups

Custom Branded Single wall Paper Cups

custom printed single wall paper cups in sizes: 4oz / 8oz / 16oz / 20oz

Our single wall paper cups are great for hot or cold drinks, but definitely work best for soft drinks, cocktails, beers and are even suitable for hot and cold foods like ice cream, chips and pancakes. Available to print full coverage in 4 colour CMYK in the highest quality print for you brand. Our custom printed single wall cups come in sizes: 4oz / 8oz / 12oz / 16oz / 20oz. Find you're design templates below if your creating your own artwork or you can always emails us your logo and ideas and PackGenie's expert design team will create your design for you. Link to single wall printed cups






Custom Branded Double Wall Paper Cups

packgenie, branded double wall coffee cup

If you're looking for the ultimate in branded paper cups then our double wall cup option is sure to impress. It uses 2 layers of cardboard that create an air pocket that gives superior insulation to keep hot drinks hotter for longer and cold drinks colder. It also has the added benefit of keeping drinks at a comfortable temperature in your hand. Made from FSC approved paperboard and 100% recyclable, so a good option for the environment. PackGenie uses the most up to date printing capabilities to produce your printed double wall paper cups to the highest quality print using 4 colour CMYK process. We can also print using your brand Pantone colours for an additional charge. Printed cups gives you the flexibility to showcase your brand and link to promotions and marketing offers. Link to double wall paper cups




Custom Branded reCup Double Wall Paper Cups

reCUP branded paper cups 100% recyclable

Maybe the environmental credentials of your custom printed coffee cups are at the top of the list of your brand values and you want to convey this message through your printed paper cups. Our reCUPS coated with earthcoating are the only paper cups on the market that have been given the AAA certification by the institute of cyclos-HTP in collaboration with the European Green Dot scheme. Earthcoating has been specifically engineered to be recycled in mainstream recycling facilities across the UK. We can brand reCups with all over print to the highest quality so rest assured you will have a certified 100% recyclable cup with impressive print to get your brand noticed. Available in double wall and single wall options: Cup capacity in ml: 8oz = 200ml / 12oz = 300ml / 16oz = 400ml / 20oz = 500ml.

Link to 8oz - 12oz personalised paper reCups

Link to 16oz - 20oz custom branded reCups




Custom Branded Compostable Double Wall Paper Cups

compostable paper cups branded with your logo on

An alternative option to our branded reCUPS are PLA lined printed compostable cups. PLA or bioplastic is made from organic sources such as corn starch - making it 100% compostable and biodegradable. Just remember compostable cups need to be disposed of using the correct waste channels as they must be industrial composted in specific conditions that speed up the degradation process (they will not compost in your home compost bin). Do not mix compostable cups with recyclable waste streams otherwise it will be contaminated. Its best to organise your waste so its collected using a closed loop system to make sure your compostable cups get properly composted. Also available in 4oz / 8oz / 12oz / 16oz / 20oz printed in full colour CMYK.

Link to compostable custom printed coffee cups

Custom Branded Ice Cream Cups

printed ice cream cups cmyk full colour print

Maybe your after ice cream cups? PackGenie gives you 2 print options:

1 Colour Print

If your on a budget then our screen printed paper cups in your choice of Pantone colour are the option for you. A simple and cost effective way of branding on ice cream cups; Getting your brand the notoriety it deserves! Available in sizes: 4oz / 6oz / 8oz / 12oz Paper Ice Cream Cups. Printed in your choice of 11 vivid and vibrant colours.

Full Colour CMYK Print

The ultimate printed ice cream cup completed covered with your branding then our full colour printed paper ice cream cups are sure to wow! Our full 4 colour CMYK custom printed ice cream cups give the very best print quality, enhancing your food offering whilst maximising your brand and increasing customers perception. Available in sizes: 5oz / 8oz / 12oz / 16oz Paper Ice Cream Cups

Link to 1 colour printed ice cream cups

Paper Cup Lid Options

PackGenie offers a variety of lids to suit coffee cups to flat and domed lids. Whatever your requirements, we are confident we will have the right cup lid for your spanking new custom printed paper cups.

Sip Lids

branding paper cup lids black and white options

Available in black or white, whichever suits your branded paper cups the best:

80mm that fit our 8oz Double Wall and Single Wall Paper Cups

90mm that fit our 12oz / 16oz / 20oz Single and Double Wall Paper Cups

Flat Lids

flat plastic lids for custom printed paper cups

Matching lids for all our 8oz, 12oz, 16oz double and single-wall custom branded paper cups. They are made from polystyrene, that is commonly recycled in the UK. Lids are available in 2 different sizes to suit you requirements.

Plastic lids of Ø80mm diameter suitable for 8 oz paper cups.

Plastic lids of Ø90mm diameter suitable for 12 oz & 16 oz paper cups.


Dome Lids

plastic dome lids for paper cups

Matching lid for all our 12oz & 16oz double and single-wall custom branded paper cups. They are made from PP that is commonly recycled in the UK. Lids fit snugly onto paper cups and are available in 3 different variations: Small Hole / Large Hole / No Hole to suit you requirements.

Plastic lids of Ø90mm diameter suitable for 12 oz & 16 oz paper cups.

Compostable Sip Lids

Matching PLA compostable lids for all our 12oz & 16oz single or double wall custom branded paper cups. They are made from PLA, that can be composted. Lids are available in white and black colours to suit you requirements.

PLA Compostable lids of Ø90mm diameter suitable for 12oz and 16oz single wall or double wall paper cups.

PLA Compostable lids of Ø80mm diameter suitable for 8oz single wall or double wall paper cups.

Drink Carriers

plittable drinks carriers packgenie

PackGenie are specialist in manufacturing drink carriers for coffee shops, festivals and events. 

Our Splittable drink carriers that splits from a 4 cup carrier into 2 x 2 cup carriers. Increase speed of service - simple, quick & easy for staff to use. Takes up minimal space behind the bar / counter, carriers arrive flat packed, minimal material, no glue - so you save on storage. Made from 100% kraft cardboard with high levels of wet strength, our drinks carriers are 100% recyclable, compostable and STRONG!

If you're a pub, cafe or restaurant planning to re-open after lockdown and looking for a speedy and safe way to get your drinks away from the bar / service counter as quickly as possible, keep sales up, but reduce trips to the bar / service counter then these cup carriers are perfect. Should ideally be used with plastic pint tumblers.

Fits most pint cups - Hole diameter is 80mm - Holds most plastic pint tumblers - Fits 12oz / 16oz and 20oz paper cups

Can be custom printed - Min print runs of 25k units - email us for a customised quote. See our drinks carrier here.

For more ideas on cup carriers have a look at our blog: Best beer carriers for when your pub garden opens after lockdown.

What are my alternatives? - Personalised Plastic Cups

custom printed plastic cups for ice cream and smoothies and drinks

Printed plastic cups are the ideal marketing tool for your next event, festival, smoothie or cocktail bar, concert and more. Our clear PET glasses are great superb quality and are a perfect way to show off your food or drink. Our branded plastic cups are 100% recyclable and are commonly recycled across the whole of the UK. Perfect for smoothies, iced coffees, milkshakes, fruit pots or slush / crushed ice drinks. Screen printed in 1 colour, using food safe inks. In a choice of 11 vivid Pantone colours including: Yellow, Rubine Red, Warm Red, Rhodamine Red, Purple, Violet, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Green, Black and White. Find out more here

Why Chose PackGenie to Print Your Paper Cups?

Free Artwork Service

free design prep - printed paper cups - cup manufacturer packgenie uk

If you need our expert in house design team to help create your artwork just email us your logo with your design in mind. If you already have artwork then email it to us as soon as you have placed your order with us. We will then setup your artwork ready to print and share a pdf or jpg proof for your approval. Once you're happy we can move your personalised printed cups into production.

Free Delivery

UK delivery is absolutely free with every branded printed paper cup order. Delivered usually within 10 - 15 days from artwork approval.

Short Print Runs

We start from as little as 1000 custom printed paper cups.

Personalised Customer Experience

We are committed to supporting our customers at every step of the order process. Making ordering and dealing with PackGenie an easy and painless experience. We pride ourselves on offering a designated account manger and rapid customers service.

Custom Printed Paper Cups Made in the UK

All of our custom printed paper cups are produced and manufactured in the UK to the highest manufacturing and food safety standards.

If your interested in getting a quote for your branded paper cups or need some help or advice then get in touch with PackGenie today! Call us on 0203 4882200 or email us on help@packgenie.co.uk