Trending takeout drinks of 2021

Now that the world has started to get back to normal, more and more people are heading out to festivals and outdoor events as a way of celebrating their freedom following months of social isolation and lockdown.

With so many outdoor events planned across the UK, mobile caterers, takeaways coffee shops can all capitalise on the numbers of people flocking to these events. The best way to do this is by offering a fresh new addition to your usual menu.

To help you cash in on outdoor events this summer, here are a few of the most on-trend take out drinks of 2021. Our packaging experts have also suggested the best cups to use to ensure that your contents stay safe and your branding gets noticed!



If you cater to a healthy crowd or will be appearing at an event where wellness is a primary focus, adding kombucha to your menu is a great way to bring more people closer to your brand and increase sales.

A fermented tea, kombucha is popular with the health-conscious customer thanks to its many fermented benefits including detoxification, gut health and mood enhancement, so why not give it a try?

You’ll need to protect the hands of your customers and want to do your bit to preserve our planet, so our reCup recyclable cups are a great option.


Pink drinks

If you’ve been lucky enough to head out to the pub recently, you’ll notice that pink drinks seem to be everywhere right now!

From pink gins and prosecco to ciders infused with real fruit to give them a pinkish hue, tap into the pink drink trend and see your sales soar at festivals and other outdoor events.

The best way to showcase your pink cocktails and drinks is by using a clear PET plastic glass. These can be branded with your logo so they not only allow the colour of the visually appealing drink to shine through, but help get your branding noticed too!


Alcohol-free alternatives

With many people embracing the teetotal movement (around one fifth of UK adults say they do not consume alcohol), the ability to create striking booze-free cocktails is an excellent way of offering drinks with a premium price tag.

From creamy milkshake style mocktails to cool and refreshing fruity combinations with sweet syrups and plenty of real fruit for a pop of summer colour, the only real limit is your imagination. Some bar tenders and mixologists are taking this even further, using sustainable ingredients such as discarded peels to create their own unique flavour combos. If you want to get creative with your non-alcoholic drinks, stock up on PET plastic cups. They come in a variety of sizes and have lids to suit so that the contents can be safely transported on foot with minimal spillages, meaning you can create short or long drinks and showcase your beautiful concoctions at the same time.

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