The importance of tamper-evident stickers on takeaway bags

When you’re delivering food to paying customers, they expect to receive food that is sealed up and that hasn’t been tampered with.

Although they may have to take your word for it, the easiest way you can show a customer that their food hasn’t been touched or damaged during delivery is by securing a tamper-evident sticker to your takeaway bag.

This important touch can build trust and loyalty in customers, so it’s worth the small investment to get them designed and printed.

Keep reading to find out more about tamper-evident stickers.

What are tamper-evident stickers?

A tamper-evident sticker is a type of sticker that is placed on takeaway bags by a food company before they give them over to a delivery driver.

The sticker has a tear perforation through the middle that shows that the food hasn’t been tampered with or damaged during the delivery process. 

When the customer receives their food, they can tear through the sticker and enjoy their meal.

Why should I use tamper-evident stickers?

We think that it’s important for all food companies to use tamper-evident stickers on their takeaway bags because it proves to the customer that their food is exactly how it was when it was packaged.

It can help build trust and loyalty in your customers as they know you take care of their food and prevent anything happening to it on its way to the customer.

Where should I put tamper-evident stickers?

You should place your tamper-evident stickers on the opening of your takeaway bag, one on both sides of the handle.

Depending on the size of your sticker, you could also place it in the centre of your takeaway bag, below the handle.

This is the best place to put them as it means that if anyone tries to open up the bag, they will immediately rip the perforation. 

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