The Curiosity Box – A New Formula for Packaging

Having qualified as a primary school teacher ten years ago, you can imagine my delight when The Curiosity Box team got in touch with us. Being able to provide packaging for this innovative brand certainly made me miss all of the fun that I had with the children in my class on those Tuesday afternoons when I used to teach science!

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Luckily for me, the lovely people at The Curiosity Box headquarters kindly sent the Packgenie team our very own box to have some fun with. Whether you are an experienced Curiosity Box user or are yet to have your first box delivered, it is quite a treat having such a large illustrated red box handed to you by the postman - and that’s even before you’ve opened it!

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Having taught children for many years, it is no surprise that inquisitive learners become engrossed with the contents of these magnificent boxes. As a teacher myself, I would always start with a stimulus to get children’s creative juices flowing, whether it be a picture, a question or a mystery object – the excitement from learning hands on is a crucial element (sorry – no pun intended) in the formula (sorry, couldn’t resist this time!) to develop children’s natural ability to think scientifically. Each box is carefully planned and jam packed with hands-on activities and experiments which even link to the National Curriculum for KS1 – KS2. To maintain the excitement and build the anticipation of the arrival of the next red box to land on the doorstep, each box explores a different topic every month.

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The experiments that arrive in each box are not only brilliant because of the content, but the makers of The Curiosity Box clearly have children at the heart of what they do, as each one is cleverly organised and packaged separately making it accessible even for the younger learners.

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Now, when packing our box, the Curiosity Box team undoubtably thought carefully about which experiments would make us jump up and down the most, and they were spot on with their choices. In our box we received the following experiments;

  • ‘Acidic Oceans’
  • ‘Amazing Anemometer’
  • Greenhouse Effect


    • Biodegradable Packaging (whoop!!)
    packaging craft materials

      At Packgenie, we are passionate about being able to provide eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable packaging to our customers. Talking from a teacher’s perspective, not only do children have the opportunity to carry out the experiment and see for themselves how various materials react differently overtime but the makers also provide a brilliant child friendly explanation that helps to educate our future generation about the impact of single use materials, such as LDPE products.

      where to buy packaging materials for craft projects

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      We were absolutely chuffed to be able to support Renee when she came to us to initially purchase paper straws and greaseproof paper, and being a savvy shopper she obviously knew that Packgenie would be the perfect place to find the packaging supplies for crafts. Having now seen the variety of packaging that these experiments use, we are excited about what other experiments the Curiosity Box team have in store and what other packaging supplies will be heading out in those exciting red boxes next!


      Subscribing to The Curiosity Box is easy – and boxes start at just £6.95. There are the options to go nano (fortnightly or monthly) or jumbo (monthly) find out more here. Even better, if you choose to join the club, then you will have access to support, videos, loyalty bonuses and more!

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      If you have any of your own packaging ideas for crafts, the Packgenie team will gladly assist and help you to bring your crafty creations to life!