The best packaging for burgers: A definitive guide

From a beef patty to a vegan alternative, a burger is a classic takeaway option that is a firm favourite with customers across the UK. Whether they’re eating at a restaurant, grabbing food on-the-go, or ordering from Deliveroo or Just Eat, the packaging of your burger can make or break your customer’s experience. In this definitive guide, we'll explore the best packaging options for burgers to ensure that your burger stays fresh, delicious, and easy to eat.


  • Burger boxes: Burger boxes are a classic and reliable packaging option for burgers. They're made from environmentally friendly sturdy box board and come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate different burger sizes. Burger boxes keep burgers fresh and warm, and prevent any toppings or sauces from spilling. They're also easy to stack, making them a great option for restaurants that need to prepare multiple orders at once.

Burger & Meal Boxes

Made from one flat bit of material, our flat pack takeaway burger boxes are easy to setup and most importantly take up little storage space. Starting from as little as 1000 burger boxes printed in full colour CMYK, furthermore delivery is only 2 - 3 weeks from artwork approval. Our flat pack burger boxes are also a great option for home delivery as they keep burgers safe and hotter for longer in transit.

burger box for home delivery fully printed

Burger Meal Box options:

burger meal box fully printed for takeaway / home delivery

Clam shell burger boxes

Our printed burger clamshell boxes come in glued or flat packed options. Our flat pack clamshells are fully printed in full colour CMYK and start from as little as 1000 boxes delivered in 2 - 3 weeks. Our glued full production clamshell burger boxes start from 25,000 units. These are our best option for speed as service as they are pre-glued. If storage is at a premium and you have own time to make up your burger boxes then our flat pack clamshells are the option for you. 

 flatpack burger clamshell printed


    • Printed food flags: An often overlooked addition to a business’s packaging arsenal is printed food flags. These are a great addition to burger packaging, especially for restaurants that offer gluten-free, vegan, or other dietary options. These small flags are placed on top of the burger and signify which portion is gluten-free, vegan, or otherwise specialised. This makes it easy for customers to identify which burger is theirs and ensures that they get the right order Available in ready made food flags or DIY versions (cheaper but no sticks included).


custom printed burger flags 

  • Printed greaseproof paper: Printed greaseproof paper is an essential addition for burger packaging because it keeps the burger fresh while preventing any grease or oil from seeping through the packaging and spoiling other food items. The paper is coated so that it repels oily substances, meaning your customer can enjoy their burger without creating a huge mess. Plus, by ordering customised printed greaseproof paper, you can add a fun and unique touch to the packaging, by showcasing your branding. 

brown kraft printed greaseproof paper 

Custom greaseproof paper can also be used to completely wrap burgers for home delivery. Using greaseproof this way will help with heat retention whilst out for delivery plus will keep your burgers intact.

burger greaseproof paper printed

  • Handled paper bags for delivery: Flat handle bags are an essential option for food delivery as they're easy to carry and convenient for customers. These bags have robust handles that make them easy to transport, and they're made from durable paper that won't tear or rip during transit. They’re also customisable with branding or logos, making them a great marketing tool for restaurants. At PackGenie we have a number of print options from 1 colour print to keep price and lead times to a minimum. Or if you can wait then our full colour printed bags will show off your brand to its full potential. 

 custom printed paper bags twist handle

  • Countertop grab paper bags: Countertop grab paper bags are similar to handled paper bags but don't have handles. They are designed to sit on a countertop or shelf, making them easy for customers or delivery drivers to grab and go. We produced two types of flat bags:

Countertop bags printed - Great for non greasy items such as gifts or sweets

Greaseproof flat bags - Can be used for greasy oil food items such as pasties, chips, burgers and more.

printed counter top bags


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