The 6 packaging essentials to stock up on before party season

The holiday season is normally the busiest time of year for any food business, so making sure that you’re all stocked up on your packaging essentials is a must.


If you haven’t thought about stocking up yet before party season, you might want to place an order with your supplier before it’s too late!


Here are the six packaging essentials that all food businesses should stock up on before party season gets started.


  • Coffee cups and lids


If you have a takeaway coffee business, having plenty of coffee cups and lids is essential--otherwise, how are you going to serve anyone any drinks?


Make sure you have enough stock of each different size, and enough lids to keep you going all the way through this year’s party season. See our coffee cup lids alond with our custom printed coffee cups here


  • Custom rubber stamps


Adding a unique custom stamp to your packaging can help to set your business apart from your competition and create a truly special brand experience for your customers.


Make sure you’ve got backups of your stamp, and enough ink to last you. Find our full range of custom stamps here


  • Printed stickers and labels


Having a recognisable brand can help a lot with marketing and creating brand loyalty, one of the easiest ways to add your brand’s personality to everything is by sticking customised stickers and labels to all of your packaging.


Whether you’re sticking these labels to takeaway boxes, ice cream pots or plastic bottles, they can really help to create a strong brand message.


  • Cutlery


Running out of cutlery at the peak of the party season could cause trouble for any takeaway food business so make sure you have plenty of knives, forks and spoons lying around for your customers to use.


  • Napkins


It’s always a good idea to provide napkins to your customers when they order a takeaway from you, this way you can avoid any unwanted spillages--or help to clean them up afterwards.


If you have a collection of branded printed napkins that you can hand out during party season, even better! See our custom printed paper napkins here 


  • Paper bags


Promoting your brand through your packaging has never been easier than by printing your logo onto paper bags, so make sure you have a good stock of spare bags to last you through party season when you’re at your busiest.


When you have lots of customers in your shop, or you’re dealing with an influx of takeaway orders, running out of paper bags is not an issue you want to run into. See our range of custom printed paper bags here


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