Spotify promotional packaging success

Our very talented foodie friends Feast & Social cater for all types of events, from canapé receptions and product launches, to private occasions and weddings. 

Here at Feast & Social we cater for all types of events, from canapé receptions and product launches, to private occasions and weddings

They contacted PackGenie to support them with promotional packaging for the audio streaming platform; Spotify. PackGenie has a reputation for reliability when deadlines are tight, producing custom printed products on time when working to a deadline. If you're producing delicious food for catering events or functions and need printed napkins, personalised greaseproof sheets or custom food flags; let PackGenie take care of your promo catering and feel confident that we will deliver on time, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Promotional Packaging essentials to implement in your catering business

Why not offer promotional food packaging as part of your offering? PackGenie has made it easy to offer promotional catering to your customers. We understand that clients might need a little help visualising printed packaging to see the benefits. PackGenie can assist with samples, mock ups and pdf visuals to help sell your vision. This increases your value as a business and increases brand extension throughout your food offering, which is sure to impress brand owners.


#1 Print Napkins

print napkins / Spotify promotional catering even / printed packaging

Paper napkin printing is a visually effective way to showcase your brand. Feast & Social decided to go for our branded cocktail napkins, a perfect size when serving with canapés and light bites. The image above shows how great the vibrant colour combo of the delicious food works against the slick black napkins with vivid foil print. These layers created a very sophisticated eye catching brand presence. Link this to the first mouthwatering bite of food and BAM! You've just created a mega sensory brand experience people won't forget!   

napkin with logo - Spotify promo event London 2019

Our branded cocktail napkins are made from paper sourced from responsibly managed forests, this means the trees are planted faster than they are consumed. They are 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, making them perfect for sustainably conscious brands.


#2 Printing on Greaseproof Paper

printing on greaseproof paper - promo packaging - event London 2019 Spotify

Feast & Social give us a master class in using custom printed greaseproof sheets in a new innovative way. Just look at how the printed greaseproof sheets have been placed under their beautifully crafted canapés. They tease us with glimpses of the Spotify brand logo between temptingly delicious bites which are then pinned together with eco friendly wooden looped skewers. So simple; a great way to display the brand with different types of canapés to engage and excite diners. These sheets are all natural greaseproof paper made from 100% paper pulp, making them incredibly eco friendly. We use food safe inks and our printed greaseproof paper starts from only 1000 units making them great for small or large catering events.


#3 Food Flags

Take promotional food packaging to the next level with our attractive custom printed food flags. They are great for pinning food together like burgers, sandwiches, canapés or buffet style food. They are extremely eye catching, playful and fun, making them great for promotional events, with the use of a variety of foods. You can see from these snaps; our food flags offer high impact branding and are digitally printed up to 2 colours on both sides with the same or different designs. The wooden sticks are responsibly sourced and certified using food safe inks. We offer 2 flag sizes: 50x33mm / 40x25mm with offer 4 stick sizes including 74mm / 100mm / 150mm / 200mm. Starting from only 500 units.


burger flags / branded toothpick flags / personalised food flags for Spotify catering event


If you're planning a catering event that needs branded promo packaging then send us an email or call us today! We offer top notch customer service and custom print for your brand; specialising in short print runs and fast turnarounds.  


Photos: Annabel Staff © Spotify Sigala Oct19