Printed Foil Wraps vs. Greaseproof Paper

If you traditionally use foil wraps to help package and present food to your customers, have you considered the cost advantages, environmental perks and practical benefits that custom printed greaseproof paper could offer your food business instead?

Before you make your decision, let's take a look at why greaseproof paper is the number 1 packaging type of choice for many takeaway businesses. We’ll also underline how you can not only save money but keep your branding fresh in the minds of your customers too!


An eco-friendly alternative

Sustainably sourced, compostable and totally biodegradable, the eco-friendly benefits of using greaseproof paper far outweigh those of standard foil.

A perfect way of reducing your carbon footprint, our greaseproof paper is manufactured here in the UK meaning that there is minimal travel between our printing presses and your front door. This means you can easily boost your green credentials without having to sacrifice practicality and ease of use, with no extra effort required.


Oven proof

Our printed greaseproof paper is 100% oven and freezer safe, making it ideal for customers who want to enjoy your tasty offerings later on.


Food safe

Using food-safe inks and food-grade paper means our greaseproof wrap can be branded with pretty much anything you like, without impacting the quality of the food within.

Unlike foil wraps that wrinkle and crinkle to obscure your branding, greaseproof paper prevents leakage, soaks up excess oils and still allows your company logo to shine through.


Hot and cold content friendly

If you’ve ever picked up a red hot piece of food wrapped in foil, you’ll realise that heat is conducted through the wrapper, making it difficult to handle.

Greaseproof paper is suitable for both hot and cold foods and transfers far less heat than foil, making it easier on kitchen staff to wrap ready to be given to the customer.


Branding opportunities

As a business, you’ll want to take advantage of any opportunity to get your branding in front of customers.

Foil wraps are often only available in silver as standard with other custom shades coming in at an expensive premium. Greaseproof paper on the other hand comes in a rainbow of colours and can be branded with any logo or image you choose giving your brand another chance to shine. 


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