Personalised tissue paper design ideas for every occasion

If you’re a provider of gifts for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers and birthdays, you’ll understand just how powerful the presentation of your products can be.

Basic packaging can devalue your product in the eyes of the recipient and as the packaging is the first thing customers see when interacting with your offering, it's essential that you get it right if you want to increase the possibility of repeat purchases.

Reflecting the value in your branding can be easily achieved using personalised tissue paper and complimentary branded stickers to get your business in front of prospective new customers. Here are a few ideas how you can use branded tissue paper for every occasion.



When it comes to wedding gifts, presentation really is everything. The happy couple has gone to great lengths to organise the day of their dreams, so many guests like to thank them by providing a beautifully packaged gift to wish them well for the future.

All of our PackGenie personalised tissue paper comes in wedding white as standard and can be printed with your company name and even a small icon such as wedding bells or lucky horseshoes for that added nuptial touch.


Baby showers

A new baby is a cause for celebration, so friends and family members getting ready to welcome a new little one to the world are more likely to splash out on cute newborn baby gifts if the presentation of those products is up to scratch.

PackGenie personalised tissue paper is available in the eternally popular baby pink and baby blue, but you could also opt for a neutral yellow or light green shade for those well-wishers who still don’t know the sex of the baby.

Better still, all of our personalised tissue paper products are created using sustainably sourced materials as standard, boosting your own business eco-credentials and showing you care about the environment.


Special birthdays

Landmark birthdays deserve a special gift. Making your product packaging memorable is a sure-fire way to ensure that your offering doesn’t get forgotten in a hurry.

With opulent blacks, deep reds and sapphire blue shades being the go-to colours to convey luxury, you can bring that touch of class to your products easily using personalised tissue paper complete with your own branding.

For that perfect finishing touch, add branded PackGenie biodegradable stickers. They come in an array of shapes and free artwork to help keep costs low and impact high


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