Our printed greaseproof paper winners: PELLIZCO Sheffield

Our custom printed greaseproof paper winner Danny Pinch from Pellizco winners of the British Street Food Awards "Best Newcomer" 2020. Specialising in street food pop-ups, weddings, kitchen takeovers and private dining. Currently operating as a take-out service at Dyson Place, Sharrow Vale Road.


PackGenie managed to grab 5 minutes with Danny for a Q&A:

british street food winners Pellizco PackGenie printed greaseproof paper

- Business name:

Pellizco, literally translating as Pinch in Spanish, this is a throwback to when we were called Pinch N’ Pull, which was the name my friend came up with based upon my own surname.

- Chef nickname /name:

Daniel Pinch, gone by many nicknames throughout my time in the kitchen, the worst of which was Pinchy Stryder or The Pinch who stole Christmas.

- What style of food do you cook?

Mexican street food with a few twists and turns along the way

Pellizco street food greaseproof printed paper comp winners

- What’s your favourite dish to cook?

To actually cook, I really enjoy cooking with fish, but if you mean favourite dish to cook for myself to eat, then tacos

- Where do you sell your food?

Area, markets, festivals etc: For the last 3 years we have sold at food markets, pop up cinemas, small festivals and peoples back gardens and everything in between, 2020/21 so far we have been trading in Sheffield as a take away service.

Pellizco street food van grease proof paper competition

- What inspired your logo design?

The logo was inspired by the day of the dead celebrations in Mexico, but designed and given its own twist by Millar Models

- How long have you been running for?

As a business, around 3 years now, but as Pellizco, around 8 months.

- Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from working with other chefs, reading recipes and when possible, travelling to different countries and trying their local cuisine.

Pellizco street food winners personalised greaseproof paper

- Any hints and tips for someone looking to set up there own street food business?

Have an identity, do what you do really well, perfect this and build from there rather than trying to be too much or something that you are not.

- If you could serve anyone your delicious dishes who would it be and why?

Anthony Bourdain if he was alive, his book ‘kitchen confidential’  was really important to a lot of chefs and gave us pride in our craft, he was also very well travelled and would have been the perfect, honest judge.

We can see why Pellizco won best newcomer at the British street food awards! 😋 🤤  Big thanks to Danny for taking the time to answer our questions, you guys are on fire! ​👊  🔥  PackGenie is sure you are going to inspire a lot of start ups. 

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