Is Using Printed Tissue Paper An Eco-Friendly Packing Option?

As the world of eCommerce and online shopping grows, packaging has never been more important. This is true both in terms of protecting your products during transit, and informing your customers about your brand despite them never having stepped foot in your store.

Customised printed tissue paper offers the best of both worlds, allowing for increased brand exposure while protecting your products on their journey. But is printed tissue paper an eco-friendly packing option? Let’s find out.

How is tissue paper made?

Here at PackGenie, we use sustainably sourced tissue paper that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, meaning it is great for our planet.

Our printed tissue paper is made from paper pulp that is wet and rolled out until paper-thin, before being dried and rolled, ready to print. All of the paper we make is acid-free, which means we have not used any agents in the production process that can turn the paper acidic over time. It also creates a softer and more delicate tissue paper to add a luxurious feel to your brand.

When it comes to customising our tissue paper with your branding and logo, we also use acid-free and food-safe soy-based inks, which don’t affect the recyclability of the paper. These eco-friendly inks also don’t affect the quality of our printing, which is first-rate and vibrant, guaranteed to give your branding a boost. 

How does tissue paper compare to bubble wrap?

When it comes to protecting items out for delivery, the main alternative to tissue paper is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is great in many ways, as it an extremely strong and protective and works a charm when packaging fragile items.

However, in terms of how environmentally-friendly both products are, there is a clear winner: tissue paper. Although many companies are now using recyclable bubble wrap as part of their packaging, tissue paper can be broken down much more quickly in the recycling process. Additionally, the energy required to produce printed tissue paper is substantially less than the energy required to produce the same amount of bubble wrap.

Tissue paper also wins in terms of brand exposure, and the ability to have custom logos printed on part of your packaging can help raise brand awareness. Not to mention, printed tissue paper brings a touch of luxury that bubble wrap hasn’t quite mastered. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly packaging option that also protects your products and promotes your brand, our printed tissue paper is a great choice.

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