Innovative ideas on how you can use printed rubber stamps to increase orders

When you’re a small food business just starting out, figuring out the best way to increase your orders can feel like a serious uphill battle.


Promoting yourself online and reaching out to new customers can feel like a time-consuming task. Especially when you want to focus on the most important thing – cooking up delicious food.


If you’re looking for a hassle-free and quick method of increasing your orders, we have the perfect method for you.


The best thing is that all you need is some artwork and a rubber stamp! Here are some ways you can use printed rubber stamps to increase orders.


Create a loyalty scheme stamp


With our free artwork service, you can be completely creative when it comes to the design of your printed rubber stamp.


Rather than stamping your logo on your takeaway boxes, you could create a design that incorporates some kind of loyalty scheme.


Offering a free pizza after 5 orders, or a 20% discount after 4 orders is normally enough to encourage customers to come to you again and again.


Make your stamp designs shareable


Similar to the loyalty scheme, you could put something like “Share and tag us on Instagram for a free item”.


This way you’re encouraging people to share your business on Instagram and spread the word about your food to their friends and family.


You’re also encouraging the customer to come back to your food business so they can claim their free item with their next order.


Personalise your receipts


Another way you could use your printed rubber stamps to increase orders is by stamping everything and anything that you send to customers – but especially your receipts.


Receipts aren’t something that every customer throws away instantly, they normally put it in a bag or purse until they have a clear out.


If you have a striking, memorable logo, next time they see the receipt they will be reminded of how good your food was and may be tempted to purchase from you again.


Sharing your logo on a variety of items is an inexpensive and effective way of creating better brand recognition. It’s also a great way for small businesses to get their name out there without too much effort.


They are also perfect for adding that personal touch and small details that make people want to return to the same, independent businesses multiple times.


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