If you can't afford printed pizza boxes, do this instead

Everyone is jumping at the opportunity to use branded packaging, and there’s a good reason for it. It adds a quality feel to your products that customers appreciate, thus improving the customer experience. It reinforces your brand’s identity and tells its story, helping you stand out from competitors. And you will also seem like a more trusted and legitimate business that your consumers will return to.

Unfortunately, branded packaging can also end up being costly if you’re on a very tight budget or a new startup. This is especially true for food items such as pizza, one of the food market’s favourites. Each pizza needs to be delivered in its own box and will be thrown after a single use. Big companies may be able to afford this, but small independent retailers could struggle with the margins. Thankfully, there’s a cheap and effective solution: custom stamps.

Why use custom stamps to brand your pizza boxes?

Custom stamps are an ideal starting point for any business wanting to grow its brand identity and awareness. Rather than investing huge amounts of money on custom printed pizza boxes, you can use rubber stamps for a more DIY approach. Have a stamp designed that shows your logo or slogan and print these directly on plain pizza boxes. You can use these stamps over and over again, making them an extremely affordable solution. As your business grows, you can get creative and use them on other items that need branding too!

Our custom rubber stamps are also great as, despite the low cost, there is no impact on quality. After all, the only thing worse than no branding is poor-quality branding. Our custom stamps ensure that you can create a high-end and stand-out result. They have a location system that enables you to print in a consistent position each time, and high-quality rubber stamps that won’t lose their shape over time.

What’s included in our custom stamp orders?

At PackGenie, our custom stamp orders have everything you need to start printing your pizza boxes at home. Initially, we will start by working with you to design the artwork for your stamp – logos and taglines work great! Once you’re happy, we will transfer this artwork into your rubber stamp and ship it out to you. You’ll also receive an ink pad with your order that comes in a range of colour options. Choosing one that best fits your brand colours and packaging will ensure the best results!

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