How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Takeaway Coffee Cups

As we become increasingly aware of the need to reduce our impact on the environment, attention inevitably turns to some of the biggest offenders.

Enter coffee cups. While they are often a godsend during a sleepy morning commute to the office, tens of thousands of coffee cups are thrown into the bin every day.

If you are a brand or stall that regularly sells coffee or tea, then it can be worth considering the materials used in the cups you sell in order to reduce your carbon footprint.

Use recyclable cups

Many takeaway coffee cups are lined with plastic materials to make them sturdier and less prone to water damage. The problem is that this makes the cups non-recyclable, as they can’t be recycled alongside cardboard and paper.

To encourage a move away from a throwaway culture, selling coffee cups like our Double Wall Custom Branded reCUPS shows that it is possible to produce non-plastic, 100% recyclable coffee containers, while still making a perfectly functional product.

Ensure the cups are sustainably sourced

Paper cups are naturally better for the environment than plastic featuring alternatives, although you’ll also want to make sure that the paper used in any cups you purchase have been produced using paper from managed or FSC approved forests.

By using sustainably sourced materials, you’ll know that every coffee you serve has been accounted for when it comes to preserving our Co2 absorbing trees.

Eco-friendly, biodegradable paper cups

If you really want to ensure that eco-conscious customers are getting the best product for their money, then cups made from biodegradable materials are perfect for single use purposes; coffee, latte, cappuccino and even soup!

Compostable cups are lined with PLA (Bio Plastic) made from organic sources such as corn starch, while the fully biodegradable paper in the rest of the product means customers can put them in their food waste bins - without the need for separating food or liquid remaining inside. 

With a third of people on average preferring to seek out brands that promote sustainable values, you can tap into an additional demographic with your brand whilst knowing you are contributing effectively to the preservation of the environment.

Take a look at our environmentally friendly range of custom coffee cups, complete with food safe odourless inks used when making your personalised brand artwork look the part. 

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