How to personalise your pizza boxes with custom stamps

In a post-pandemic world where takeout food is overtaking sit-down dinners, there are seemingly endless options for purchasing a pizza. From big well-known chains to smaller independent retailers, consumers are spoilt for choice. And, while the product inside the pizza box is undeniably important in gaining customers, brand awareness is equally is crucial.

When selling takeaway pizza, the most obvious way to boost your brand awareness is by advertising on the pizza box itself. However, small independent retailers may struggle to afford boxes with extravagant prints. This is where custom stamps come in, offering a cheap and quick way to make your business and brand stand out. Here’s how you can personalise your pizza boxes with our custom stamps.

1. Design Your Perfect Stamp

The first step in personalising your pizza boxes is to design the artwork for your rubber stamp. The most obvious and effective design you can use is your brand logo. Having this displayed on the outside of your packaging will help your customers remember your brand and be more likely to use you the next time they order pizza. When designing your stamp, we can use the logo as a stand-alone image or combine it with text.

Don’t have a logo already? No problem! Our team of designers can help create the perfect artwork to stamp on your pizza packaging. When happy with the design, we will send your stamp out to you within 3-5 business days.

2. Choose Your Colours

A ready-to-use ink pad comes with all of our custom stamps. When placing your order, there are four different colours to choose from – black, blue, green, and red. Think about how your colour choice works with your branding and always try to stay as on-brand as possible. You should also consider how the colours will stand out against the colour of your boxes. Opt for a high contrast option for the most impact.

3. Get Stamping!

When your custom pizza box stamp arrives, it’s time to get to work! Simply use the stamp and ink provided to imprint your design on all of your takeaway boxes. The whole process is quick and simple. There is a unique location system that means you can accurately position the stamp in the same place on all your boxes. Besides, being made with a robust acrylic mount and colid handle, you can easily use your stamp again and again. Why not get creative and brand other food containers and leaflets with your logo too?

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