How to package drinks for home delivery

PackGenie has been working with our friends at 1Rebel: the undisputed 'King of gyms' to come up with a packaging solution to transport their healthy smoothie shakes safely and securely by home deliver service Deliveroo.

The Problem

As we all know transporting multiple drinks is pretty difficult. Drinks either fall over or spill everywhere. 1Rebel approached PackGenie to see if we could come up with a simple cost effective solution to this problem. So we did!

The Takeaway delivery market is now worth £4.2 billion, up 73%So no mater if your a coffee shop trying to increase revenue through delivering coffee to thirsty office workers or a street food stall delivering gourmet meal deals to your customers door step. If your delivering paper or plastic cups in your business then this is the packaging solution to solve your home delivery pitfalls.

PackGenie is going to share our tried and tested home delivery cup carrier solution for home delivery, no matter if its being transported using a moped, bike or car. Its the simplest, cheapest and safest way to send cups on there way using home delivery services such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. There is no need to fork out for a custom solution that will cost an arm and a leg!

What you're going to need:

2 Cup Carrier (Pulp Tray)

The first thing to remember is securing the drinks. To do this we use a cup carrier, more specifically a 2 cup pulp tray. This will hold the cups nice and securely at the base, so the cups wont rock in transport. The reason we suggest a 2 cup carrier and not a 4 is that its pretty much impossible to buy a bag to drop a 4 cup carrier into. Plus the more cups, the increased risk of tipping and spillage. If you need to send more than 2 cups then just double up. Another major benefit of using a pulp tray is that they are made from recycled paper waste so are extremely eco-friendly and will biodegrade in a short space of time once disposed of.


Our 2 cup pulp trays can hold a multitude of cups; paper cups; single or double wall from 8oz up to 22oz. These will fit nicely inside our medium tape handled paper bags. Clear plastic cups are also suitable, but the base needs double checking to see if it will fit into the pulp tray. Some plastic cups have a wider base. The most important thing is to have a lid with every cup!

Medium Paper Bag (Brown or White)

Keeping them upright in transport is key; even though the cups are snugly fitted to the pulp tray they can still tip. To solve this we drop the 2 cup pulp tray into the bottom of a medium sized tape handled bag. Brown or white, whatever your brand preference. This way the bag sides acts as a cushion and stops the cups from toppling over. The bag handle can also be hooked or strapped inside the delivery box / car. Paper bags have great thermal properties, which means it will acts as cooling or heat jacket to keep your drinks as they should be for longer. Paper bags are also eco-friendly. This will also go down well with your customers! 

 2 cup carrier home delivery

Tamper Evident Stickers

If you need to let your customer know that everything is tip top and hasn't been tapered with then you can add a sticker to the top of the bag to seal it closed. Stickers come in lots of difference shapes and sizes, whilst being a cost effective way to get your brand seen. Find out more about custom printed stickers and labels here. If your looking for all the bells and whistles then you can print directly onto the bag here.

paper bag stickers - tamper evidence

The Result

We believe this is by far the simplest and cost effective solutions for transporting paper cups using a home delivery service. There is now no excuse to exclude drinks from your home delivery offering!

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