How to give your food truck a summer makeover

Research suggests that Brits buy food from a street food vendor around once per week, and with summer now in full spring, there’s no better time to spruce up your mobile eatery to capitalise on the great weather and large number of festivals, fairs, fetes, weddings and events taking place up and down the country. 

Giving your food truck a summer-worthy makeover can help to make it stand out from competitors, especially if you’re serving up your own food next to several other vendors. 

Here are a few fun ideas to transform your street food van into a sensational summer hit: 

Food truck summer makeover

1. Add more colour

Hotter days and warmer nights call for brighter, more vibrant colours than the cosier hues that we naturally learn towards in autumn and winter. 

Adding splashes of summery shades can be achieved in many ways with a little attention to detail. Why not switch up your branded napkins to a brighter shade compete with summery decals such as palm trees and sun images? Likewise, it’s easy to introduce colour to your condiment displays with brightly coloured branded straws and disposable paper cup carriers.  

2. Inject some sunshine into your food packaging

Take some inspiration from Starbucks, who have made their holiday-season red cups a marketing hit, by having your own special edition summer designs. You can extend this idea across all your food packaging with brighter, more seasonal imagery and colourways. Whether you want to get creative and add fun icons and summer emojis or simply brighten up your branded paper cups like Starbucks, the options are endless.

Not only does this add visual interest for your food displays on your counters and in the truck, but it also gives customers a hit of sunshine to take away with them. Consider creating limited edition designs for pizza boxes, burger boxes and takeaway bags. 

3. Add seasonal décor 

An easy way to bring in a sense of summer quickly and cheaply is to add some new décor to your truck. This can be achieved as simply as stringing bunting across the front of your truck, bringing in fresh plants or having fun with inflatables in shapes such as palm trees and flamingos. 

4. Freshen up your menu

Why not bring in some global favourites to the board to freshen up your limited-edition summer menu? When we think of summer, many of us think of sun-drenched holidays overseas and our favourite eats and drinks while away. Channel some of those flavours to give your food truck a real taste of summer with dishes sourced from some of the country’s top holiday destinations – tacos from Mexico, paella or gazpacho from Spain, gelato from Italy, giros from Greece or an extra-special burger from the USA. Use our printed food flags to indicate the origin of your tasty new treats and put your diners in the holiday spirit. 

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