How to Custom Brand Effectively with Greaseproof Paper

When looking at all major food and drink names across the globe, there is one thing that is persistent in their marketing strategy: consistent messaging and a recognisable brand image.

From instantly recognisable Costa Coffee paper cups to McDonalds’ greaseproof paper packaging of its famous burger product range, custom branded marketing materials go right across their respective offerings.

However, you don’t have to be a leading global company to make branded designs work for you and your café, restaurant, or takeaway.

We’ve listed three ways in which you can custom brand effectively when using greaseproof paper to promote your company.

1) Reinforce brand identity through clever design

Whether you want to professionally present your paninis or wrap up freshly baked cakes to go, having your brand logo and strapline running across 100% of the surface area of your greaseproof paper means that no matter what its purpose, customers will be able to easily identify with your eatery.

This means that your printed assets will not only be visible to the person consuming your food and drink items, but also to any passersby or intrigued friends and family at home.

2) Consider GSM quality of your greaseproof paper

Here at PackGenie, we offer the choice between two types of printed parchment paper: 40 GSM or 38 GSM natural greaseproof paper.

Generally speaking, the higher the GSM the better, although this will naturally impact overall price when ordering.

GSM refers to the weight of the paper your custom design will feature on, so knowing which weight number you want for your needs is important when it comes to overall quality and feel of the paper that you want customers to experience.    

3)  Get creative

While printing your logo and strapline across the greaseproof paper will definitely help towards customer retention and overall professionalism of your restaurant or pub, custom printing can also be used to communicate with customers in unique ways.

An example could be printing a significant news story about your company on the paper, so as once it’s opened and the food is revealed, it still has an interactive element whereby customers can read the information while eating their food. This could work well in a 50s-style diner as it fits in with the theme, so it’s important to consider your particular audience when coming up with effective marketing ideas for greaseproof paper.

Take a look at all our Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper options and boost your offline marketing strategy today. 


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