How to create the coolest packaging in town for your food business

Although serving your customers delicious food should be the priority of any food business, there’s also a lot more that goes into the process of attracting and retaining your customers.

Your packaging says a lot about your brand and has the power to entice people to come and visit your business, post about you online, tell their friends about you, and come back to eat with you again.

Whether you’re just starting out your business, or looking to increase sales this year, it’s important to consider just how vital your packaging can be.

Here are 10 tips on how you can create the coolest packaging in town for your food business.

    •    Stay true to your branding

If you’ve already got a logo and other promotional materials designed, it’s a good idea to stick with the existing colour scheme you’ve decided on.

You want your packaging to be recognisable, and for customers to know that it’s from your brand as soon as they see it.

Having a consistent brand should be the focus of any company, as it can help current and potential customers notice you more and can increase engagement and loyalty.

    •    Be creative and unique

If you want your packaging to stand out from all the other food businesses in your area, you need to come up with designs that are unique and creative.

Distinctive packaging can make a big difference and generate more interest in your products. Whether you want to experiment with bright colours, eye-catching fonts, or attention-grabbing designs, there are plenty of ways that you can be bold and creative with your food packaging.

    •    Accessorise your packaging with fun stamps

When you’re designing your packaging, if you really want to create something amazing, you should pay just as much attention to the smallest details as you do to the larger design.

One thing you may not have thought about is adding branded stamps to your packaging. These small, personal touches can make your packaging look more bespoke and unique, which will always be a hit with customers.

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    •    Pick functional but aesthetic packaging

Although your packaging should look fun and engaging, you also can’t forget its main purpose – to make it easier for your customers to eat your food.

Functional items like greaseproof paper make it easier to wrap up burgers, hot dogs, or sandwiches and avoid customers making lots of mess while they’re trying to eat.

You can still customise your greaseproof paper to add your logo and branding, so even when your food is all wrapped up, it still looks appealing.

Checkout our printed greaseproof here

    •    Encourage customers to share on social media

In today’s world, the power of social media could either make or break your food business. Making your product packaging fun and exciting could encourage customers to share pictures of your packaging on their social media accounts.

This one post could encourage more people to check out your business, which could result in lots of new sales and orders.

Include your social media handles, and have your name clearly displayed on all pieces of packaging so that when people do post about your items, their followers know exactly how to find you.

    •    Get creative with stickers

Packaging stickers can be used for both functionality and aesthetics when it comes to your food business.

From custom tamper-evident stickers to protect food items being handled during delivery to custom printed stickers advertising your latest promotion scheme, stickers can be used for a range of purposes.

Our custom printed sticker options can be found here

    •    Don’t forget about the napkins and cutlery

Although you may think that the items that you’re wrapping your food in are the most important aspects of your packaging, there are also the additional items – like napkins and cutlery – that you should also think about.

Everything you offer your customer when they purchase your food is an opportunity to WOW them with your branding.

From printed cutlery to napkins, everything can be a design opportunity if you want it to be.

Have a look at our bespoke napkins here and our printed cutlery here

    •    Limited editions

Make your packaging fun by introducing limited edition packaging alternatives during different seasons/holidays.

Whether you want to keep it simple and design your packaging according to the season or want to celebrate holidays throughout the year like Easter, Halloween, Christmas or Valentine's Day, seasonal packaging can really get your customers excited.

At Pack Genie, we make custom printing your packaging incredible easy. No matter how last minute you’re planning your seasonal packaging designs, we take the hassle out of printing for food stalls, cafes, gift shops, and online food businesses.

    •    Cater for everyone using flags

If you want more people to enjoy your delicious food, it’s important to cater for as many different dietary requirements as possible.

At your food stall, you could offer both vegan and vegetarian options to target people who want to cut down on their meat consumption. You should also have options for people who are gluten-free, lactose-intolerant etc.

If you’re running a cafe, food stall, or food truck, it can be confusing for customers with specific dietary requirements to select the food for them if they can’t clearly see what the ingredients are.

Make it simple by using food flags as part of your packaging to indicate which items are vegan, gluten-free etc.

Find our bespoke food flags here

    •    Make it personal

Our final tip for having the coolest packaging in town for your food business is to make your packaging personalised wherever possible.

Customers like any business that makes them feel like the items they’re buying are completely tailored to them – and this is easy to do with food packaging.

Whether you design your takeaway cups to have space to write the customer’s name, or you include special stickers for delivery orders or to accessories your burger boxes – personalisation is a fun way to engage with your customers.

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Custom printed food packaging with Pack Genie

At Pack Genie, we provide a range of food packaging that can be custom printed to suit your requirements. With speedy, professional service, we can help you create the best packaging possible for your food business.

Get in touch with us about your packaging needs.

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