How to Brand Ice Cream Pots to Make Your Business Memorable

A delicious dessert that’s a go to in any weather, ice cream is as enticing in the heat of summer as it is tucking into a tub of the good stuff when watching TV under blankets during winter.

Whether you’re an independent ice cream vendor wanting to place your logo front and centre of the product, or you want to mark a special occasion with your own unique artwork, branding your ice cream pots is a great way to get people talking.

Consider every aspect of your ice cream pot

Making a statement on your ice cream cups is about more than just placing your logo on the side of the cup.

To really stand out, you’ll want to look at each individual element of the pot and how they interact together aesthetically.

For example, it’s important to make sure that your chosen Pantone colours complement each other all the way from the lid to the base, before observing whether these colours are wholly reflective of your brand identity.

You will also need to think about font size and type. If you already have marketing materials such as a website with text in mind - great! If this is the first time you’ve branded your ice cream pots, then this is your chance to create an identity.

The branding process

You’ll then need to decide whether you want your logo or artwork to be screen-printed (logo on white background) or full colour printed onto your pots.

If you’re after a clean, minimalist look, then screen-printed is the way to go, while full-colour printing is ideal for marketing campaigns or events when you really want to impress with your ice cream creations.

From company straplines to social media icons, you can place everything you need on your ice cream pot so that no one will forget where their new favourite dessert came from.     

Personalised ice cream pots with PackgGenie

Our custom printed ice cream cups are available in a wide range of sizes that can sit as comfortably on a café table as they do in the hands of customers as they walk around outside.

With a variety of vivid food safe ink colours to choose from and each made from 100% recyclable materials, you can guarantee that nobody will be forgetting your ice cream treats in a hurry.

See our full range of our custom printed ice cream containers:

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