How to boost your green packaging credentials with PackGenie

Packaging has received something of a bad reputation lately with many online-only retailers being blasted for their overuse of packing products and cardboard boxes which then generate thousands of tons of unnecessary waste each year.

Back in 2017, 70.0% of the UK’s packaging waste was either recycled or recovered, but that still leaves a whopping 30% of all packaging to go to landfill.

Here at PackGenie, we want to help protect our planet by providing high-quality, environmentally friendly packaging options which also help businesses create memorable experiences for their clients that quite literally, don’t cost the earth.

We’ve created this quick and easy guide to demonstrate how our products can help you boost your green packaging credentials without losing that personalised packaging touch your customers just love.


Clear green credentials

Our mission is to help our customers become as environmentally friendly as possible, so regardless of whether you run your own independent fast food joint, have a quirky coffee business or provide high-end luxury gifts that require equally elevated packaging, our symbol system not only allows you to choose a product that protects the environment, but you’ll also be able to show the world that you’re doing your bit too!

Using simple icons that communicate that products are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, or created using raw materials from sustainable sources, we’ve made it easy for your brand to show its commitment to the natural environment through your packaging.

With PLA or bio-plastic linings materials such as organic corn starch, your single-use packaging products are fit for the task at hand and break down to become fully degradable faster, making it win-win for your business and the planet.


Soy-based inks

Another of our environmental commitments has led us to use soy-based inks for many of our personalised packaging products.

From our greaseproof paper for takeaways to high-end gift wrapping and our eco-friendly stickers, we are able to recreate your artwork free of charge and use soy-based inks that are free from nasty chemicals known to be harmful to the environment.


Cardboard packaging

There's no denying that paper-based packaging is still a very popular choice for a wide range of business types, but here at PackGenie, we minimise environmental impact by online using sustainably sourced materials across our product line.

All of our paper materials are sourced from sustainable forests which replace trees at a far faster rate than they are farmed, meaning that all of our cardboard products hold the FSC logo as proof of your environmentally conscious packaging choice.


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