How to add a premium finish to your packaging with stickers

The way you package your products is almost as important as the product itself. It is essential for safe transit of your items, while also acting as great marketing tool to enhance your brand’s visibility. If you’re keen to add a touch of luxury to your packaging, one of the easiest yet most effective ways is through the use of custom printed stickers. Here’s how you can use stickers to add a premium finish to your packaging.

Customised to perfection

With stickers, the sky is the limit. You can choose the shape, size, colour, and content to create a unique pop that screams your brand and suits your needs. Having anything customised automatically makes your packaging seem premium. It signals to your customers that you’ve not just worked on perfecting the product itself, but also your entire branding and unboxing experience, adding that high-end feel.

Switch tape for stickers

Although tape does its job well in holding your package together, a much cleaner and more professional idea is to use stickers instead. Functionally, they work great, all while adding branding and customisation. You can replace the tape on the packaging of each individual product with stickers, or you can use large branded stickers on the outside of your mail packaging to hold the box together. This way, as soon as your parcel comes through the door, the customer knows it's from you.

Combine with luxury tissue paper

Tissue paper is perceived as a premium packaging item and immediately enhances the perceived value of the products inside. It makes your products feel more like a gift and it becomes more exciting and memorable for your customers to open. Closing the tissue paper with a sticker can enhance this luxury feel even further, adding a branded feel and a nice pop of colour when your customer first opens their package. 

Encourage customer participation

Alongside using stickers both on the outer packaging and inside the box, we also love the idea of putting an unused sticker sheet in the box with your product. This is an inexpensive add-on that your customers will appreciate. It is something they didn’t expect and shows that your brand is willing to give more than promised. It may only be small, but it can go a long way! What’s more, it also allows customers to participate in your brand as they can use your company stickers as they wish.

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