How printed packaging increases your brand value

Although some business owners overlook it, packaging is a crucial part of your company’s branding and can speak to your customer even before the product you’re offering is experienced. It is human nature to make snap judgments on the first impression, so how you package your products can make or break that opinion.

When it comes to brand value, upgrading to printed packaging is an easy way to add consistency and quality to your brand experience. How you tackle this is also important. Read on for our key considerations to elevate your packaging from must have, to value-add for your brand.

  • Think Outside the Box

The most common form of packaging is a gold old fashioned box. While this is a great and versatile way to pack a variety of products, using a range of different textures and materials is an easy yet effective way to instantly increase the perceived value of your brand.

One great way to do this is by using carefully folded printed tissue paper fastened with a printed sticker which displays your logo. Tissue paper screams luxury which can contribute to a memorable brand experience. This is something we are used to seeing for goods such as clothes and accessories, but the same principle can also be applied to a range of other products.

In the food sector for example, it’s common for takeaways to use boxes to package food to go. Try lining yours with custom printed greaseproof paper, or even opting for custom printed cutlery. These final touches grab the diner’s attention and can help them to view your food as a premium product, as well as increasing brand exposure.

  • Go Green

With the world’s current climate, many consumers have a preference for environmentally-friendly and sustainable brands, with some choosing not to buy a product that isn’t also good for the planet.

Eco-friendly products are more expensive, partially due to the demand and also due to the fair labour costs. Switching to eco-friendly printed packaging can reinforce and reaffirm that you care about the issues important to your customers.  Pack Genie’s Go Green Promise means that all of the printed packaging we produce is 100% compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable, as well as being sustainably produced.

  • Evolve with the Seasons

Printed packaging also gives you the option to tailor your packaging based on the season, such as having Christmas-themed packaging from November or a Valentine's Day special in February. These extra touches will not go unnoticed by your customers, and the time and effort gone into this will give them more appreciation for you as a brand. It shows them you care about their unpackaging experience and value them, so they are more likely to feel the same way in return with brand loyalty and positive customer reviews. 

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