How Pizza slice trays will help drive your takeaway Pizza business


Have you ever wondered how many slices in a 12 inch pizza and thought that’s a little too much pizza for one person? Independent Pizza chains are now offering slices to go! Designed for fast easy on the go dining, Pizza slices to take away are the new way to eat this popular Italian dish. In a rush but fancy something tasty or want to treat yourself on your lunch break, but don’t have long until you have to be back at your desk,  the single slice is the way forward. 

The guys over at Foodism.co.uk have given the Low down on the best places in London for single slices, check it out here: The best slice in London

pizza slice tray custom branded with your logo on packgenie printed pizza slice tray


Served on the single slice pizza tray for ease so you can walk along and perfect your pizza cheese pull. Pizza slice trays are made from food safe card and designed with a thumb tab on the top of the tray that can be used by the server and the customer. Selling pizza, use the thumb tab to pull out the tray from the shelf and hand over to your customer. Digging in to your pizza? Use the thumb tab to secure your slice. 

Pizza Slices are a new cost effective way to enjoy one of the nations favourite takeaways without having to waste food or compromise on your meal choice. 

Pizza Slice packaging is so simple and the most efficient way to serve your slices while minimising packaging waste. These pizza trays are fully customisable and can be fully branded with your business artwork and logo. 

Brand the thumb tab with a quirky slogan like “secure the parcel” or “hold to cheese pull” to make your pizza slice packaging interactive. 

The best thing about the Pizza Slice food tray is the versatility it offers in terms of pizza slice size. Wether you have a small slice from a 9”pizza or a hefty fella like our friends in the US do, this food tray is a one size fits all Kinda food sleeve. Having said this, if you are looking for something a little bit more bespoke we can cater to your requirements here at Packgenie. Just send your requirements over to help@packagine.co.uk and one of the sales team can Brin your Pizza slice dreams to life. 

At Packgenie we are now offering custom branded Pizza slice food trays as part of our self assemble food trays collection on our online marketplace. The highlight of these trays is that they are most space saving food tray we offer. No assembling necessary, the Pizza trays are ready to go as and when you need. After all it’s basically a giant slice of pizza just made from card! 

Request a sample today, follow the link: shop FREE samples 

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