How is greaseproof paper actually made?

If you’re seeking the perfect way to protect and present your food products to customers, you might have already decided that our eco-friendly, personalised greaseproof paper is the way to go.

But how is greaseproof paper actually made and what happens when you place your order? Here’s a whistle-stop tour of our production process and why placing your order with us ensures that you'll be getting the best branded paper there is. 


How is greaseproof paper made?

Here at PackGenie, we use only greaseproof paper completely made from pulp, making it eco-friendly and a 100% biodegradable and compostable paper.

The pulp is beaten hard so the tiny fibres bond firmly, resulting in a paper of superior high density with a small number of pores. This process also makes the paper resistant to grease or oils and is useful for those wanting to keep their hands free from any runoff from the product such as melting ice-cream.

Once you’ve chosen from our brown or white paper options (both available in a variety of sizes), we then move on to making your brand stand out by personalising the greaseproof paper.


Free artwork as standard

Once we've received your greaseproof paper selection, our team of designers will set to replicating your branding on the sheets to allow your business to really stand out against your competitors and give your product packaging a professional look and feel.

Using any logos and corporate colours of your choosing, we will send you a sample file so you can see exactly what your finished product will look like before going to print. Or, you can send over any artwork you already have – the choice is yours!


Going to print

As soon as you place your order with PackGenie, we provide an estimated delivery time so you know when you can expect your greaseproof paper.

Using professional printers and delivery couriers, we can provide relatively short delivery timescales from the second you approve your artwork. The sooner you place your order, the sooner you can relax with the peace of mind that your branded greaseproof paper is in production.


Delivery time!

Once your greaseproof paper has been printed and professionally packed, our courier service will ensure that it’s on its way to you as soon as possible.

If you aren’t quite ready to receive your order or would like us to keep hold of some of your stock to save storage space in your premises, we can also provide safe storage options for a small fee.

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